AT&T Routing Information Letters

Section Date Issue Size Title
RIL 11974-06-15116.89 KBCalls to Belgium To Require 10 Digits Instead of 9 Digits
RIL 21974-11-26123.89 KBChanges to Use of TPMD (Terminating Point Master Deck) for Vacant Code Screening
RIL 31976-08-162.58 MBTandem Satellite Link Avoidance Routing / Domestic Satellite - 4A/4M ETS and No. 4ESS Toll Switching System - Special Routing Procedures
RIL 41976-10-01125.95 KBPhase Out of 18X Code Conversion for IDDD First Stage Outpulsing
RIL 51977-05-05896.86 KBWATS Restructuring Planned for August 1, 1977
RIL 61977-05-1156.91 KBWestern Union Discontinuance of TXW 60 Speed Subscriber to Communicate with a 100 Speed Subscriber
RIL 71977-06-0366.04 KBSatellite Link Avoidance for Conference Calls
RIL 81977-06-0751.64 KBClarification to WATS Restructuring Details in RIL 5
RIL 91977-07-1364.53 KBReporting Procedures for Eight Phase TWX Cutover to Western Union's Digital Exchange System (DES)
RIL 101977-09-22384.51 KBCable Selection Code to Hawaii / Routing Codes for Mexico / Change of Overseas Traffic to 011-XXX Format / Inward WATS Tariff Changes
RIL 111977-10-17150.25 KBPre-Screening of Inward WATS Calls / Routing Problems to Mexico
RIL 121978-02-2366.30 KBPuerto Rico Inward WATS
RIL 131978-07-0568.16 KBAlascom Inward WATS
RIL 141978-07-2079.75 KBSpecial Routing Instructions for San Bernardino Inward WATS
RIL 151979-03-01100.65 KBOklahoma City 4A ETS Phase Out and 191+NPA Routing
RIL 161979-08-0865.38 KBVirgin Islands Inward WATS
RIL 171979-09-1386.37 KBPittsburgh 4A XB Phase Out and 191+NPA Routing
RIL 181979-12-0357.23 KBRouting Changes Involving Distance Dialing to Additional Countries
RIL 191980-03-03133.61 KBTWX Routing Changes / 212 NPA Exhaust / Rockdale Phase Out and Replacement by Atlanta 4ESS / Routing Error with SNET
RIL 201980-03-28238.01 KBNew Service for People with Impaired Speech and Hearing / Changes to the TRG / Satellite Avoidance for Conference Calls
RIL 211980-04-10211.12 KBNew Concept for "900" Service / 1980 Band Compression of 800 Service
RIL 221980-05-1680.42 KBQuality Complaints on 800 Service
RIL 231980-06-1271.60 KBChanges to Routing of 191+NXX Calls in St. Louis
RIL 241980-08-15412.88 KBEnd of MRFUS / Change of NPA Code for Northwest Mexico / 800 Service Bands
RIL 251980-09-25131.01 KBConference Operator Satellite Avoidance - Network Operations Solution Through Routing Affectation (COSA NOSTRA) / Planned Code List
RIL 271980-10-30857.95 KBTariff Changes for WATS and 800 Service
RIL 281980-12-01322.52 KBUS and Canada Routing to Mexico / New IDDD Countries
RIL 291981-02-25175.86 KBAdditional Dialing Procedures for Operator Assistance in Mexico / Western Union Transfer
RIL 301981-03-2359.62 KBClarification to Mexican Dialing Procedures in RIL 29
RIL 311981-05-11261.24 KBIDDD to Qatar / Special Codes for 800 Service / Unblocking of E Digits / Non-Hierarchical Switching Systems / Index of RILs
RIL 321981-06-25905.72 KB800 Service in the US / IDDD to Mexico / Integrated Routing Assignment System (IRAS) for Network Routing Orders for Intertandem Switching Systems
RIL 331981-09-11274.63 KBConference Operator Satellite Avoidance / Long Lines Routing Plan / Special Codes Served - 800
RIL 341981-12-1492.20 KBNew IDDD Countries
RIL 351982-02-26193.36 KB18X Codes for Routing to ISC / 191 + NPA
RIL 361982-04-08151.22 KB800 Service / New NPA 619 / International Record Carriers (IRC)
RIL 371982-06-30148.89 KBARGIS Continuation / New and Expanded NPAs / 191 + NPA
RIL 37C1982-07-13120.82 KBARGIS Continuation / 714/619 NPA Split / 312 NPA (Canada Only RIL)
RIL 381982-08-20140.58 KBNew IDDD Countries / Expanded NPAs / End Office Codes (EOC)
RIL 391982-12-10232.49 KBOverseas CNRDB Forms / Delete and Prefix Information / Satellite Avoidance / Overseas 18X Codes / Special Announcement Code / Local Routing Mechanization
RIL 401983-01-26129.83 KB714/619 NPA Split / 713/409 NPA Split
RIL 411983-02-2873.07 KBRouting Administration Change Reporting Procedures [Attachments Missing]
RIL 421983-04-0569.71 KBThree Digit Numbers associated with LATAs
RIL 431983-06-01798.19 KBSatellite Link Avoidance for Conference Calls / Routing Instructions for the Network Audio and Audio-Graphics Teleconferencing Service
RIL 441983-08-01788.11 KBNew IDDD Countries / Mexico 1XX Type Terminating Toll Center (TTC) Codes