Circuit Pack Schematics (CPS)

Section Date Issue Size Title
CPS-FC211976-05-264D1171.87 KBFC21 Circuit Pack - 5 Volt Reference and Filter Circuit
CPS-FC1811976-11-022A1763.13 KBFC181 Circuit Pack - Peripheral Decoder Circuit
CPS-FC1821976-11-222A1524.98 KBFC182 Circuit Pack - Junctor Ferrod Circuit
CPS-FC1831976-11-222D1548.82 KBFC183 Circuit Pack - Trunk Ferrods Circuit
CPS-FC1841976-11-222D1588.53 KBFC184 Circuit Pack - Master Scanner Ferrods Circuit
CPS-FC1881977-08-042D1462.70 KBFC188 Circuit Pack - Output Group Select Circuit
CPS-FC1901977-08-042D1454.91 KBFC190 Circuit Pack - Stage Three Level Select Circuit
CPS-FC1921977-08-042D1487.95 KBFC192 Circuit Pack - Input Level Select Circuit
CPS-FC1931977-08-042D1529.24 KBFC193 Circuit Pack - Node Select Circuit
CPS-FC2001977-04-193A1.43 MBFC200 Circuit Pack - Teletypewriter Controller Interface and Timing Circuits
CPS-FC2011974-01-011947.19 KBFC201 Circuit Pack - 10 I/O Subchannels - Bipolar Interface Circuit
CPS-FC2021974-06-241993.63 KBFC202 Circuit Pack - Maintenance Channel and SSP Interface Circuit
CPS-FC2031976-01-082A1.94 MBFC203 Circuit Pack - Clock Circuit
CPS-FC2041975-08-115B1399.40 KBFC204 Circuit Pack - Horizontal Driver Circuit
CPS-FC2051978-06-236B1296.01 KBFC205 Circuit Pack - Vertical Driver Circuit
CPS-FC2061978-06-155B1167.52 KBFC206 Circuit Pack - Matrix Pack Circuit
CPS-FC2071978-01-046A745.61 KBFC207 Circuit Pack - Level Control Board Circuit
CPS-FC2081975-05-072A531.58 KBFC208 Circuit Pack - SSP I/O Shift Control-Reset Monopulser - I/O Xformers & Emergency Action Clock Circuit
CPS-FC2091975-02-282D1422.29 KBFC209 Circuit Pack - Lamp and Relay Circuit
CPS-FC2101978-06-234D1762.08 KBFC210 Circuit Pack - Power Alarm and Control Circuit
CPS-FC2191976-04-063A439.20 KBFC219 Circuit Pack - Group Check Detectors and Current Sources Circuit
CPS-FC2291978-11-024A578.83 KBFC229 Circuit Pack - 16 Volt Source Circuit
CPS-FC2621975-11-202A678.13 KBFC262 Circuit Pack - Power Control Board Circuit
CPS-FC3071975-08-141372.68 KBFC307 Circuit Pack - Gate Selector Circuit
CPS-JK51977-07-203D1659.62 KBJK5 Circuit Pack - Serial Peripheral Interface A Circuit
CPS-JK61975-12-312B1769.61 KBJK6 Circuit Pack - Serial Peripheral Interface B Circuit
CPS-JK71978-02-244B1892.21 KBJK7 Circuit Pack - Serial Peripheral Interface C Circuit
CPS-JK81975-12-092D1612.20 KBJK8 Circuit Pack - Bus Terminator A Circuit
CPS-JK91975-12-082D1557.94 KBJK9 Circuit Pack - Bus Terminator B Circuit
CPS-JK101975-12-092D1799.99 KBJK10 Circuit Pack - Buffer A Circuit
CPS-JK111977-04-064A857.08 KBJK11 Circuit Pack - Buffer B Circuit
CPS-JK121976-01-052D1691.94 KBJK12 Circuit Pack - Buffer C Circuit
CPS-JK131977-11-213D1551.05 KBJK13 Circuit Pack - Buffer D Circuit
CPS-JK161976-01-052A930.20 KBJK16 Circuit Pack - Cartridge Tape Transport Controller, Board A Circuit
CPS-JK171976-04-154B11.43 MBJK17 Circuit Pack - Cartridge Tape Transport, Board B Controller Circuit
CPS-JK181975-11-242A1.84 MBJK18 Circuit Pack - Cartridge Tape Transport Controller Board C Circuit
CPS-JK191978-04-215A1.28 MBJK19 Circuit Pack - Cartridge Tape Transport Controller, Board D Circuit
CPS-JK251978-03-021932.33 KBJK25 Circuit Pack - Fan Out Board (16K Mem Dev/Mux/Delay) Circuit
CPS-JL161978-03-021951.95 KBJL16 Circuit Pack - 128K x 2 Bit Memory Plane Circuit