Bellcomm Memoranda and Reports for NASA

Note: Bellcomm memo and report numbers are used when available, NASA catalog numbers otherwise

Section Date Issue Size Title
A70-162211970-06-05471.83 KBOn the Optimum Stabilization of Solid Body's Rotary Motion with the Aid of a Guided Gyroscope [Translated from Russian]
B68 110781968-11-25416.28 KBTrip Report - Discussion of Integral Launch Vehicle / Spacecraft Studies at McDonnell Douglas, St. Louis
B68 121001968-12-23574.07 KBRepresentation of a Gravitational Potential with Fixed Mass Points
B69 010361969-01-14765.01 KBAerospace Digital Computer Design Trends
B69 050011969-05-01343.91 KBDescription of MSC / News Media Television Interface for Apollo 8 and 9
B69 060241969-06-05941.55 KBAccounting of Computer System Use in EXEC 8
B69 060441969-06-121.71 MBA Description of the Computer Program "STIFEIG" for Structural Dynamic Analysis
B69 070921969-07-31841.43 KBEigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Symmetric Matrices
B69 091031969-09-304.66 MBRepresentation of Osculating Orbital Elements by Analytic Functions
B70 020231970-02-122.88 MBPhotography of Ground Sites from AAP Orbit
B70 030101970-03-05326.46 KBOptical Contamination in Space: A Program for Decision
B70 030341970-03-11777.89 KBScientific Rationale Summaries for Apollo Candidate Lunar Exploration Landing Sites
B70 040341970-04-1015.35 MBContour Spectrograms for POGO Analysis
B70 050391970-05-191.66 MBAdvanced Composites for Aerospace Structures
B70 060731970-06-251.87 MBEvaluation of Routines for Numerical Solution of the Matrix Equation AX+XA^T+B=0
B70 070281970-07-10808.72 KBThe Geophysical Signature Associated with a Cryptoexplosion Structure
B70 090031970-09-02470.29 KBA Comment on Ness's Estimate of the Interior Electrical Conductivity of the Moon
B70 120551970-12-22622.04 KBThe Effects of Thermal Coatings and Insulation on the Thermal Behavior of the Skylab Orbital Workshop for the Solar Intertial Attitude
B70 120751970-12-28793.66 KBAn Analytical Solution to Swing-by Trajectories
B71 010451971-01-086.36 MBComputationally Convenient Forms for Conic Section Equations
B71 020021971-02-01791.19 KBFitting a Mass Distribution to a Potential
B71 030731971-03-305.13 MBThe Univac 1108 Virtual Mass Trajectory Simulation Program
B71 050251971-05-256.06 MBOn Determining the Moon's Density Function
B71 070221971-07-16897.68 KBInformal Names for Surface Features in the Apollo 15 Landing Area
B71 070231971-07-161014.40 KBDerivation of Topographic Feature Names in the Apollo 15 Landing Region
B71 080181971-08-161.60 MBUnnormalized Associated Legendre Functions: A Compendium of Graphs, Expansions, Properties, and Integrals
B71 080401971-08-3015.60 MBGravity and Gravity Gradient from Spherical Harmonics
B71 100011971-10-01450.25 KBEmpirical Orbit Determination Using Apollo 14 Data
B72 010081972-01-251.30 MBUse of Shuttle for Life Sciences
NASA-CR-508501963-06-251.37 MBLunar Surface Characteristics (Revised)
NASA-CR-628481964-09-10881.96 KBA Description of Hypersonic Laminar Heat Transfer at the Stagnation Point of a Blunt Body
NASA-CR-629011964-09-013.78 MBProject Apollo - Ship-Shore Communications Using Radio Satellite Relay
NASA-CR-681891964-02-202.89 MBThe Meteroroid Environment of Project Apollo (Edition 2)
NASA-CR-750761965-12-13285.28 KBA Note on a Solution of the Three Body Problem
NASA-CR-765161966-04-04419.83 KBThe Utilization of Lunar Refueling During Planetary Exploration Missions
NASA-CR-884901967-04-01894.89 KBConfiguration Management of Computer Programs
NASA-CR-928081967-12-15654.37 KBAUTODIAGRAM Version for UNIVAC 1108
NASA-CR-928191967-12-11232.53 KBReview of the Lightning Strike Incident at Launch Complex 37 on July 27, 1967, and Comparison to a Gemini Lightning Strike
NASA-CR-930811967-12-12135.64 KBTrip Report - Dielectric Tape Camera Discussions with RCA
NASA-CR-934741968-02-15832.52 KBEffect of Earth Occultation on Astronomical Observations from Earth Orbit
NASA-CR-935301968-02-23749.13 KBLightning Discharges and Sferics
NASA-CR-938161968-04-0117.47 MBMeteoric Phenomena in the Earth's Atmosphere - Investigations of Meteors, No. 2 [Translated from Russian]
NASA-CR-954201968-04-19981.61 KBThe Spacecraft Debris Cloud and Optical Environment
NASA-CR-963181968-09-01860.45 KBRepresentation of the Transfer Functions of Given Structures by Their Eigen-vibrations, Taking Into Consideration Any (Arbitrary) Excitation [Translated from German]
NASA-CR-1065861969-08-04627.96 KBGLEP Site Selection Subgroup, Fourth Meeting, June 17, 1969
NASA-CR-1069621969-03-101.83 MBAttitude Control for AAP 1/2 and AAP 2/3A: A Progress Report
NASA-CR-1089271969-12-241.78 MBOn the Generation and Interaction of High Energy Muons [Translated from Russian]
NASA-CR-1535711966-03-151.27 MBCryogenic Liquid Hydrogen Storage for Manned Mars Missions
NASA-CR-1544421967-01-19308.52 KBExtravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Operational Design Review
PDN 70-5011970-01-302.83 MBA Computer Program for Power Spectral Analysis of Unqqually Spaces Points - Volume 1: User's Manual
PDN 70-5021970-01-3012.61 MBA Computer Program for Power Spectral Analysis of Unqqually Spaces Points - Volume 2: Maintenance Manual
TM-65-1031-21965-08-161.23 MBThe Analysis of a Countdown as a Stochastic Sequential Process with Recycle Policies
TM-65-1032-31965-09-01782.41 KBAn Application of Group Theory to the Numerical Integration of the Equations of Motion of a Conservative Dynamical System
TM-65-2021-21965-03-092.45 MBCommunications Reliability for the Apollo Manned Space Flight Network (MSFN) Based on Past NASA Network Performance
TM-66-1031-21966-10-241.11 MBFunctional Requirements for Spaceborne Computers on Advanecd Manned Missions
TM-66-2012-11966-03-17442.82 KBRelationships Between Geographic and Intertial Coordinates of Position
TM-66-2021-81966-07-29669.76 KBCommunication Systems Design for Manned Mars Flyby Mission
TM-67-1022-11967-04-13776.07 KBTether Management Considerations for AAP-4
TM-67-1031-11967-06-222.02 MBState-of-the-Art of Aerospace Digital Computers, 1962-1967
TM-68-1011-31968-08-232.99 MBProblems in Radiation Dose Calculations in Spacecraft, I: Electrons
TM-68-1014-51968-08-06579.57 KBApproximate Solutions of M Nonlinear Equations in N Unknowns for M≥N
TM-68-1022-81968-09-301.72 MBStability of Attitude Motion of an Orbiting Vehicle Containing a Gyrostat
TM-68-1022-91968-11-082.69 MBOn Space Vehicle Attitude Stabilization by Passive Control Moment Gyros
TM-68-1022-101968-12-123.34 MBAerodynamic Torque on a Space Vehicle
TM-68-1025-21968-09-23677.80 KBApplication of a Dynamic Density Model to the Simulation of Earth Orbit Trajectories
TM-68-1031-21968-07-302.13 MBInflight Maintenance of Crew Skills on Long-Duration Manned Missions
TM-68-1031-41968-07-26850.35 KBFuture Spaceborn Memories with 10³-10⁷ Bit Capacities
TM-68-1033-61968-12-161.56 MBLaunch-Man Sequencing for Extended Mission Effectiveness Study
TM-68-2034-11968-02-151.48 MBCommunication System Design for an MM-Drag Probe Link on Manned Mars Flyby Missions
TM-68-2034-21968-02-011.47 MBAnalysis on the Operation of the Fine Tone Tracking Loop of the LM VHF Ranging Transponder
TM-68-2034-31968-03-152.29 MBAnalogue to Digital Conversion Requirements in Partial Digital Detection of Coded Phase Coherent Transmissions
TM-68-2034-41968-06-153.22 MBDiversity Performance of the Wideband FSK System in a Two-Path / Multipath Channel with a Planetary Landing Probe
TM-68-2034-61968-05-28923.97 KBPerformance of the RF Channel for the Apollo Spacecraft Up-Data System
TM-68-2034-71968-06-07622.20 KBPerformance of Error Detecting Coding on NASCOM Data Circuits
TM-68-2034-81968-06-203.02 MBApollo Command System-Ground Network Data Flow
TM-68-2034-91968-06-201.82 MBUp-Data to the CSM, LM and S-IVB/IU - Space Vehicle Description and Processing Delays
TM-68-2034-101968-06-131.07 MBReview of KSC Communications Systems Checkout Needs
TM-68-2034-111968-12-311.72 MBCommand Problems on AS-202, AS-501 and AS-204/LM-1 Missions
TM-68-2034-121968-07-10772.88 KBA Simple and Efficient Decision Criterion for Operating in a Pulse Position Modulation System when Both Signal and Noise are Poisson Distributed
TM-68-2034-131968-08-121.65 MBPropagation Characteristics of the Apollo Dual-EVA Communication Links
TM-68-2034-141968-08-09753.43 KBA Statistical Analysis of a Bandpass Nonlinearity - Phase Detector Cascade
TM-68-2034-151968-09-302.52 MBThe Use of Intelsat Satellites for Direct Voice Communications with Manned Space Vehicles
TM-68-2034-161968-09-29691.17 KBSummary of a Detailed Study of the Apollo Up-Data System
TM-68-2034-171968-12-312.09 MBCommunications Margins for Apollo Unified S-Band Links with Phase Modulation
TM-69-1013-21969-02-271.33 MBThe 1978 Venus-Swingby-To-Mercury Mission
TM-69-1014-31969-01-156.46 MBThe Polar Temperature of Venus
TM-69-1014-41969-01-3110.56 MBA Linear Model of Atmospheric Circulation
TM-69-1015-31969-03-21629.21 KBUses of Manned Space Flight for Materials and Processing in Space
TM-69-1022-21969-02-1755.88 MBThe Pointing Accuracy of an Orbiting Gimbal Mounted Telescope
TM-69-1022-31969-05-211.88 MBDynamic Distortion of a Gimbaled Telescope
TM-69-1022-61969-07-241.29 MBDocking Dynamics Simulation for AAP
TM-69-1022-81969-12-291.64 MBUse of Magnetic Torque for CMG Momentum Management
TM-69-1022-101969-09-3013.77 MBAn Evaluation of Various Strategies for Implementing a Minimum-Fuel, Attitude-Hold Control Mode for the AAP Orbital Workshop
TM-69-1022-111969-11-14711.82 KBResponse of Simply Supported Timoshenko Beams
TM-69-1022-121969-12-2313.81 MBProblems in Attitude Control of Artificial "G" Space Stations with Mass Unbalance
TM-69-1031-21969-07-254.39 MBAutomatic Spaceborne Solar Flare Detection
TM-69-1031-31969-06-062.53 MBOnboard Checkout of a Mid-70's Space Station
TM-69-1032-11969-02-13565.73 KBThe Bellcomm FORTRAN I/O Package
TM-69-1033-21969-10-071.16 MBDigital Filtering for Optimization of Signals Submerged in Noise
TM-69-1033-31969-07-236.82 MBStatistical Analysis of Project Pyro Liquid Propellant Explosion Data
TM-69-1033-41969-09-108.65 MBA Computer Method for the Determination of Rational Functions
TM-69-2011-21969-05-291.13 MBOptical Control for a Rocket in a Three-Dimensional Central Force Field
TM-69-2011-31969-12-236.30 MBLunar Trajectory Geometry
TM-69-2014-51969-04-16954.06 KBAn Alternative to Pseudo-Random Number Generators
TM-69-2015-31969-03-117.83 MBApollo 8 Colorimetry
TM-69-2015-51969-09-168.06 MBLunar Atmospheric Contamination Due to an Apollo Landing
TM-69-2031-31969-07-249.33 MBAxisymmetric Shells
TM-69-2031-41969-08-149.86 MBDetermination of Dynamic Loads and Response of a Space Vehicle Using Flight Data
TM-69-2031-51969-09-26874.79 KBReview of Modal Synthesis Techniques and a New Approach
TM-69-2034-81969-12-193.05 MBTime to Cycle Slip in First and Second Order Phase Lock Loops
TM-70-1011-11970-01-131.12 MBAtmospheric Temperature Profiles Using Satellite-Borne Laser
TM-70-1011-31970-04-29846.43 KBA Physical Model of Apollo Oxygen Releases
TM-70-1011-71970-08-0615.62 MBComputation of Three-Dimensional Supersonic Flows with Shock Waves
TM-70-1011-81970-11-302.00 MBAccurate Approximate Solutions to Oscillatory Problems With Perturbing Singular Damping
TM-70-1014-11970-03-262.33 MBDifferential Equations Soluble in Finite Terms of Elementary Functions
TM-70-1014-21970-05-153.35 MBMultiple Scattering Calculation for Planetary Atmospheres
TM-70-1022-31970-03-171.50 MBSupport Motion Induced Vibrations of an Orbiting Cassegrain Telescope
TM-70-1022-101970-03-312.40 MBA Mechanistic Visualization of the Sun-Earth-Earth Orbital Plane System
TM-70-1022-121970-09-2122.98 MBA Review of Thermal Control Coating Degradation by the Service Module Reaction Control System Rocket Exhaust and Estimated Effects on Skylab
TM-70-1022-131970-08-032.03 MBMinimization of SM RCS Fuel for Skylab Attitude Maneuvers
TM-70-1022-181970-12-221.01 MBSkylab Venting Propulsion
TM-70-1022-191970-12-281.34 MBAttitude Control of Dynamically Unbalanced Artificial Gravity Space Stations
TM-70-1022-201970-12-282.48 MBA Finite Difference Solution to a Mixed Boundary Value Problem for Laplace's Equation
TM-70-1022-211970-12-291008.62 KBAttitude Control Capability for Performing the Earth Resources Experiment Program on Skylab
TM-70-1031-21970-09-151.65 MBBCMIO - The Bellcomm Exec 8 FORTRAN I/O Library
TM-70-1031-31970-12-3126.62 MBTime Series Analysis Package (TSAP) for Terminal Use
TM-70-1032-11970-01-213.40 MBPAP - Parametric Analysis Program
TM-70-1032-21970-01-264.58 MBINTAP - Interplanetary Trajectory Analysis Program
TM-70-1033-11970-01-231.04 MBAnalysis of a Test Method for Measuring Resonant Frequencies of Loaded Hydraulic Feed Lines
TM-70-1033-21970-02-02667.31 KBExplicit Inverse Fourier Transformation of a Rational Function and a New Theorem
TM-70-1033-51970-09-2223.02 MBStability Analysis of Lumped-Distributed Feedback Systems Via Open-Loop Nyquist Plots
TM-70-2011-11970-11-302.45 MBAn Analytical Solution to Patched Conic Trajectories Satisfying Initial and Final Boundary Conditions
TM-70-2011-21970-11-201.34 MBAUPLOT II - A System of Data Handling and Plot Instruction Subroutines for Computer Graphics
TM-70-2011-31970-12-282.90 MBVirtual Mass Technique for Computing N-Body Solutions
TM-70-2014-71970-08-131.66 MBTransformation of a Potential Function Under Coordinate Translations
TM-70-2015-11970-02-205.78 MBApollo 12 Multispectral Photography Experiment
TM-70-2015-21970-03-171016.97 KBA Secondary Ejecta Explanation of a Lunar Seismogram
TM-70-2015-31970-09-021.38 MBElectrical Conductivity and Temperature of the Lunar Interior
TM-70-2015-51970-10-052.73 MBLunar Surface Temperatures From Apollo 11 Data
TM-70-2015-61970-12-011.38 MBMass Distribution of Asteroids
TM-70-2031-21970-04-062.44 MBStatistical Analysis of Nonstationary Structural Response Under Feedback Conditions
TM-70-2034-11970-01-2125.30 MBError-Correcting Coding Techniques for Space Communication Systems
TM-70-2034-21970-02-20465.18 KBCharacterizing the Behavior of Phase Lock Loops
TM-70-2034-41970-06-031.93 MBThe Optimum Phase Demodulator for Interfering PM Subcarrier Signals
TM-70-2034-61970-07-101.48 MBAcquisition Time in a First Order Phase Lock Loop
TM-70-2034-91970-09-30789.58 KBA Review of Modulation Techniques for use in a Satellite Multipath Environment
TM-71-1011-41971-04-161.56 MBAn Analytical Model of Eclipsing Binary Star Systems
TM-71-1011-51971-04-161.47 MBMultiple Scattering Calculations: Geometry for Spherical Atmospheres
TM-71-1011-61971-09-272.58 MBIntroduction to the Physics of Weightlessness
TM-71-1011-71971-11-261.36 MBProbing Atmosphereic Water Vapor Profiles via Multiple Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves
TM-71-1013-51971-08-023.08 MBSupersonic Flow Over Convex and Concave Shapes with Radiation and Ablation Effects
TM-71-1015-11971-01-073.30 MBModal Analysis Computer Program Package
TM-71-1022-31971-06-192.23 MBThe Quasi-Inertial and Wide-Deadband Modes as Backup Attitude Options for the Skylab Mission
TM-71-1022-51971-09-171.18 MBStability and Response of the CMG-Controlled Flexible Skylab
TM-71-1022-211971-03-02523.91 KBEffect of Venting and Leakage Torques on Attitude Control of the Skylab Orbital Assembly by CMGs
TM-71-1031-21971-05-25889.48 KBCharacterization and Mathematical Representation of Line Scanning Image Systems
TM-71-1031-31971-08-164.24 MBCalculation of the Thermodynamic State of a Three-Dimensional Atmosphere
TM-71-1033-11971-01-212.25 MBTracking Analysis of a First Order Phase-Locked Loop with Two Sinewaves Modulation
TM-71-1033-21971-10-151.29 MBCoded Scanning of Optical Images
TM-71-2014-21971-02-011.00 MBSimple Mass Distribution for the Lunar Potential
TM-71-2014-31971-03-291.66 MBEffects of Physical Librations of the Moon on the Orbital Elements of a Lunar Satellite
TM-71-2014-61971-11-292.00 MBLunar Gravity Derived from Long-Period Satellite Motion - A Proposed Method
TM-71-2015-21971-04-201.76 MBThe Lunar Micrometeoroid Experiment, L033
TM-71-2015-41971-06-241.58 MBDensity and Flux Distributions of Neutral Gases in the Lunar Atmosphere
TM-71-2015-51971-09-301.53 MBThe Origin of Light Flashes Observed by Apollo Astronauts
TM-71-2015-61971-10-294.80 MBLunar Orbital Photographic Planning Charts for Candidate Apollo J-Missions
TM-71-2015-71971-10-281022.01 KBDensity and Flux Distributions in the Lunar Atmosphere Due to Point and Line Sources
TM-71-2015-91971-10-221.26 MBLunar Conductivity Models from the Apollo 12 Magnetometer Experiment
TM-71-2015-101971-12-154.79 MBFirst Earthshine Photography from Lunar Orbit
TM-71-2031-21971-10-221.49 MBTwo Fluid Model for Thermal Stratification in the Apollo Cryogenic Oxygen Tanks
TM-71-2034-11971-05-051.54 MBA Phase-Locked Loop Demodulator for Television Type PM Signals
TM-71-2034-31971-12-301.03 MBA Model for Calculating Expected Performance of the Apollo Unified S-Band (USB) Communication System
TM-72-1011-11972-01-211.58 MBThe Brightness Temperature of the Air-Sea Interface at Microwave Frequencies
TM-72-1011-21972-01-202.50 MBCapabilities of the Skylab-A Spectrometer (S191) for Remote Sensing of Surface Targets in the Thermal-Infrared Spectral Region
TM-72-1022-21972-03-312.02 MBEquilibrium Properties of the Skylab CMG Rotation Law
TM-72-2014-11971-09-013.35 MBAn Empirical Method for Determining the Lunar Gravity Field
TM-72-2015-11972-01-251.61 MBInteraction of the Solar Wind with a Planetary Ionosphere
TM-72-2015-21972-02-0115.07 MBLunar Surface EVA Photography of Hadley Rille - Contrast as a Constraint
TR-63-211-61963-08-233.44 MBPhotometry and Polarimetry of the Moon and Their Relationship to Physical Properties of the Lunar Surface
TR-63-211-71963-08-23220.88 KBSummary of Bellcomm Report Entitled "Photometry and Polarimetry of the Moon and Their Relationship to Physical Properties of the Lunar Surface"
TR-65-340-11965-11-011.36 MBSolar Cosmic Ray Events
TR-66-310-41966-07-061.18 MBSummary of Apollo Guidance and Navigation Error Analysis
TR-66-320-11966-09-014.26 MBReview of the Apollo Electromagnetic Compatibility Program
TR-66-320-21966-09-289.65 MBProcedures for Management Control of Computer Programming in Apollo
TR-66-340-31966-07-273.48 MBLunar Orbiter Photographic Data Analysis for Apollo Landing Hazard Appraisal
TR-67-233-11967-05-156.25 MBExperiment Payloads for a Manned Mars Flyby Mission
TR-67-340-11967-03-03979.37 KBCrater Statistics and Erosion
TR-67-340-21967-03-08813.81 KBLunar Surface Roughness, Shadowing and Thermal Emission
TR-67-340-31967-07-101.79 MBCollisional Model of Meteoroids
TR-67-600-1-11967-02-016.34 MBManned Venus Flyby
TR-67-710-11967-11-202.21 MBMedical Requirements in Support of Long Duration Manned Space Flight
TR-68-310-11968-01-0935.95 MBA Compendium of the Moon's Motion and Geometry: 1966 through 1985
TR-68-340-11968-05-3110.62 MBGeologic Characteristics of the Nine Lunar Landing Mission Sites Recommended by the Group for Lunar Exploration Planning
TR-68-340-21968-06-071.99 MBRandom Independent Splitting Model for the Mass Spectrum of Protostars and Interstellar Clouds
TR-68-340-31968-06-211.07 MBCovariance Function of Elevations on a Cratered Planetary Surface Part I: Crater Bowl Contribution
TR-68-340-41968-07-181.54 MBDistribution of Elevations on a Cratered Planetary Surface
TR-68-340-51968-08-061.22 MBCovariance Function of Elevations on a Cratered Planetary Surface Part II: Crater Rim and Ejecta Blankey Contribution
TR-68-340-71968-11-271.42 MBVariance of Lunar Slopes
TR-68-620-11968-05-082.18 MBA Mathematical Model for Simulation of the Apollo Telescope Mount Pointing Control System
TR-68-710-11968-01-29631.01 KBNumber Density of Martian Craters
TR-68-710-21968-02-212.68 MBExperiment Payloads for Manned Encounter Missions to Mars and Venus
TR-68-710-31968-02-231.29 MBA Venus Lander Probe for Manned Flyby Missions
TR-68-710-41968-07-222.94 MBCollisional Model of Asteroids and Their Debris
TR-68-710-51968-07-301.82 MBDesign Parameters for an Orbiting Topside Sounder for Mars and Venus and Some Comparisons with the Orbiting Occulation Experiment
TR-68-710-61968-08-202.38 MBHaze in the Mars Atmosphere as Revealed by the Mariner IV Television Data
TR-68-710-71968-11-082.24 MBLunar Response to the Time-Varying Interplanetary Magnetic Field and Application to the ALSEP Magnetometer Experiment
TR-68-710-91968-12-1723.30 MBOn the Possibility of Exotic Biochemistries
TR-68-720-11968-05-241.69 MBDetermination of Orbits of Planetary Artifical Satellites and Planetary Gravitational Fields
TR-69-103-11969-04-012.81 MBCosmic Ray and High Energy Physics Studies in Space
TR-69-103-7-11969-03-0114.03 MBNatural Environment and Physical Standard Data for Mars, Venus and Interplanetary Space Through the Asteroid Belt
TR-69-103-7-21969-07-107.80 MBGeneral Circulation in the Atmosphere of Venus Driven by Polar and Diurnal Variations of Surface Temperature
TR-69-103-7-31969-09-1011.81 MBEvidence for the Existence of New Processes at Energies Above 2 x 10¹¹ eV
TR-69-103-7-41969-09-221.80 MBMethod for Estimating the Electrical Conductivity of the Lunar Interior
TR-69-105-3-21969-04-243.61 MBOn the Origin and Distribution of Meteoroids
TR-69-235-11969-07-142.41 MBA Model of the Martian Haze
TR-69-340-21969-06-09773.89 KBDifferences Between Proposed Apollo Sites - Far Infrared Emissivity Evidence
TR-69-340-41969-11-148.06 MBEvaluation of Mobility Modes on Lunar Exploration Traverses: Marius Hills, Copernicus Peaks, and Hadley-Apennines Missions
TR-69-340-51969-12-031.14 MBLunar Igneous Intrusions
TR-69-710-11969-01-222.03 MBBiological Generalizations and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
TR-69-710-21969-04-231.30 MBElectrostatic Potential Distribution of the Sunlit Lunar Surface
TR-69-730-11969-04-044.38 MBCentrifugally Obtained Artificial Gravity
TR-70-105-5-11970-03-061021.69 KBThe Temperature and Size Histories of Liquid H₂, O₂, and H₂O Particles Released in Space
TR-70-310-11970-02-187.92 MBTransformation of a Potential Function Under Coordinate Rotations
TR-70-310-21970-05-07915.43 KBOrbit Determination for Lunar Parking Orbits Using Time-Varying Orbital Elements
TR-70-340-21970-01-278.12 MBMascons as Structural Relief on a Lunar Moho
TR-70-620-11970-02-117.75 MBSolar Pointing Variations in Earth Orbit and the Impact on Mission Design