Division J: Motor Vehicles and Construction Apparatus

Section Date Issue Size Title
J2.000.1PT1957-07-01H814.28 KBChecking List and Index - Construction and Maintenance Forces [J - Motor Vehicles and Construction Apparatus]
J2.001PT1956-04-01D2.79 MBPlan for Administration, Announcement, Ordering and Distribution of Bell System Practices - Motor Vehicles and Construction Apparatus
J2.010PT1956-06-01I1.70 MBMotor Vehicles and Construction Apparatus - Checking List
J2.901PT1934-03-01A845.02 KBHandling Suphuric Acid Carboys
J2.902PT1934-03-01A895.91 KBMoving Office Furniture
J2.903PT1934-07-15A2.94 MBHoisting Operations
J2.904PT1934-07-15A753.72 KBHandling Lead Covered Cable
J2.905PT1944-10-01B2.54 MBHandling Cable Reels
J4.901PT1934-02-01A2.98 MBCare and Operation of Motor Vehicles
J4.901PT A1936-06-15A706.93 KBCare and Operation of Motor Vehicles
J4.902PT1934-03-01A1.35 MBInstructions to Drivers of Trucks and Heavy Equipment
J4.903PT1951-08-01C1.16 MBPublic Regulations To Be Observed By Drivers of Trucks or Commercial Vehicles
J5.0921942-10-0125.36 MBMotor Vehicle Tire Chains - Prevention of Skidding
J6.0771931-04-0113.27 MBEarth Boring Machine - Rock Drill
J6.1331950-06-0126.21 MBPole Derricks - Work Operations
J6.2651946-10-0114.61 MBBarco Gasoline Hammers and Drillers
J6.2921947-10-0116.10 MBH-21 Truck Platform Ladder - Operation
J6.292 A1951-08-011645.51 KBH-21 Truck Platform Ladder - Operation
J6.4021944-01-011738.33 KBBuried Cable - Precautions in Use of Machinery
J6.4041944-01-0117.13 MBBuried Cable - Rooting and Preparatory Work
J6.4061944-01-0113.80 MBBuried Cable - Cable Placing Train Equipment
J6.4081944-01-0118.39 MBBuried Cable - Cable Placing Train Operation
J6.4201945-06-0111.88 MBL Connecting Pins
J6.4411931-09-0115.41 MBTrench Plow and Rooter Plow
J6.4701943-10-0113.73 MBConstruction Apparatus - Operation of Winch Line Pipe Pusher
J6.4951945-12-0111.23 MBWire Feeding Tube
J6.5051950-08-0113.03 MBWire Rope - General
J6.505PT A1956-09-01B263.88 KBWire Rope - General
J6.5061950-08-0112.61 MBWire Rope - Rolled Eyes
J6.506 A1954-10-011314.97 KBWire Rope - Rolled Eyes
J6.6011942-08-0111.85 MBTrailers: Weights, Carrying Capacities and Tire Pressures
J6.6211932-02-0114.67 MBConstruction Apparatus - Operation of Pole Trailers
J6.7711949-11-0113.47 MBCH Winch Rope Winder
J6.902PT1934-03-01A298.09 KBHandling Manila Rope
J6.903PT1934-03-01A2.12 MBTool Instructions for Use of the Transportation Forces
J6.904PT1935-10-25A972.97 KBInstructions for Operating Portable Homelite Gasoline-Electric Generator
J6.904PT A1952-05-01A255.00 KBPortable Homelite Gasoline-Electric Generator
J6.905PT1936-06-15A1.25 MBInstructions for Operating the Portable Homelite Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump
J6.908PT1951-11-01A850.23 KBInstructions for Operating Trailer Mounted Pumps