Division H50: Buildings - Operation and Maintenance

Section Date Issue Size Title
H50.0071940-08-011238.64 KBOrdering and Stocking of Building Service Supplies
H50.0111959-06-012237.47 KBDesign Loads for Telephone Buildings
H50.0151953-08-011339.47 KBChecking Routine - Garages and Garage Work-Centers - Project Planning and Design
H51.004NW1946-08-01E91.83 KBDisplay of Flags
H51.0061954-05-013120.95 KBWindow Shades - Ordering and Installing
H51.1011955-08-01466.17 KBTable of Building Cleaning Procedures and Materials
H51.1021955-08-012125.75 KBApplication of Anti-Slip Floor Resins - Non-Wax Type
H51.1031952-08-012110.15 KBSweeping - General
H51.104.11958-01-015113.66 KBSweeping - Dustless - Damp Cloth Method
H51.104.21958-03-012130.79 KBSweeping - Dustless - Treated Cloth Method - Laundered Type
H51.104.31959-11-013499.11 KBSweeping - Dustless - Treated Cloth Method - Disposable Type
H51.1051940-03-01173.42 KBDusting
H51.105.11958-02-012222.86 KBDusting (Floor Reach) - Damp Cloth Method
H51.105.21958-03-012244.15 KBDusting (Floor Reach) - Treated Cloth Method - Laundered Type
H51.105.31958-03-012241.57 KBDusting (Floor Reach) - Treated Cloth Method - Disposable Type
H51.1061955-08-013128.75 KBFloor Waxing
H51.1071955-08-014184.92 KBFloor Mopping and Scrubbing
H51.1081951-02-012140.57 KBFloor Scrubbing
H51.1091955-08-014283.12 KBCleaning and Protecting Resilient Floor Coverings
H51.1101953-02-012103.76 KBCleaning Hard Floors
H51.1141956-10-011171.61 KBGarage Floor Maintenance
H51.1171949-02-014109.13 KBWall Washing - Painted
H51.1181942-06-013142.87 KBWall Washing - Marble and Tile
H51.118NW A1942-03-01A28.48 KBWall Washing - Marble and Tile
H51.1191955-08-011194.78 KBMeasurement of Slip Resistance of Resilient Floors - Principles and Evaluation
H51.1211933-10-02156.92 KBDilution of Liquid Toilet Soap
H51.1241954-02-01188.71 KBCleaning and Polishing - Wood and Metal Furniture
H51.1261954-02-01290.97 KBMaintenance of Window Shades
H51.1281960-06-012262.73 KBInsect Extermination
H51.1291935-03-01174.32 KBInsect Extermination - Roaches
H51.1301935-03-01171.45 KBInsect Extermination - Bedbugs
H51.1311935-03-01167.18 KBInsect Extermination in Switchboards (Including Terminal and Switchrooms)
H51.2011945-11-012174.42 KBStep-Ladders - Use and Care
H51.3171953-03-011I160.47 KBInspection and Maintenance of Ventilating Fans
H51.3211952-01-01168.26 KBSafety Valves for Low Pressure Steam Boilers
H51.3221952-01-01172.91 KBLow Water Cut-Off Controls for Oil Burners
H51.3311958-03-011480.67 KBReplacement Parts and Procedures - Air Dryer KS-16432, List 1
H51.332 A1959-08-011D160.50 KBAir Dryer - KS-16523, List 1
H51.3371952-01-01178.36 KBRelief Valves for Hot Water Supply Boilers
H51.3381952-01-011127.34 KBRelief Valves for Hot Water Storage Tanks
H51.3431959-01-013632.10 KBReplacement Parts and Procedures - KS-16001 Dehydrator
H51.3461959-08-013324.38 KBKS-16001 Dehydrator and Associated Waveguide Alarms
H51.3501952-03-011206.36 KBBuilding Mechanical Equipment - Scheduling Routine Maintenance
H51.3531953-04-012238.01 KBVentilation - Basement Spaces
H51.3551955-07-011157.63 KBAtmosphereic Environment for Telephone Equipment Space - General Considerations and Heat Release Data
H51.3731956-08-011478.08 KBCooling Towers
H51.3741958-03-011309.43 KBWater Treatment - Open and Closed Heat Exchanger Systems
H51.3751954-08-012128.81 KBHeating Equipment - Fire Protection
H51.3951953-02-011140.72 KBInstallation and Maintenance of V-Belts
H51.3971949-06-131172.10 KBReplacement Parts and Procedures for Day-Brite Fluorescent Units for Frame and Aisle Lighting
H51.3981958-03-011171.52 KBPiece-Part Data and Replacement Procedures - KS-15673 Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures - Frame and Aisle Lighting
H51.4001960-06-011120.46 KBKS-15912, L1 Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures - Piece-Part Data and Replacement Procedures
H51.5051953-03-011561.96 KBCare of Laws and Shrubbery
H51.698NW1952-03-01C133.79 KBBuilding Admittance and Service Protection Practices Where Watchmen Are Not Provided
H51.905NW1943-10-01A110.50 KBConservation of Fuel
H51.909NW1949-06-01B25.38 KBDisposal of Discarded Fluorescent Lamps
H51.9181959-08-011232.67 KBKS-16153 Dehydrator and Associated Waveguide Alarms
H53.1041944-10-01151.86 KBPainting - Interior - Switching Equipment Protection
H53.1051949-06-01185.12 KBHardening and Dust-Proofing Concrete Floors
H53.1101953-07-012165.29 KBFire Protection During Construction
H54.2011945-06-012322.38 KBHouse Service Inspection
H54.3021952-05-012215.04 KBCable Openings
H54.302 A1959-07-01119.27 KBCable Openings
H54.3101952-04-011285.50 KBBuilding Maintenance Inspections - Exterior and Grounds
H54.3111952-05-011239.75 KBBuilding Maintenance Inspections - Interior
H54.320NW A1958-02-01A54.87 KBMaintenance of Antenna Supporting Structures
H54.3301953-03-01196.73 KBInspecting and Testing of Fire Shutters
H54.3331959-09-01651.71 KBTarpaulins
H54.3401953-01-011117.31 KBInspecting and Testing Gas Piping
H54.3411960-11-013176.00 KBProtection Against Exposure Fires
H54.3451953-01-011230.69 KBInterior Construction to Restrict Spread of Fire
H54.4051953-04-01282.42 KBMeans of Egress - Inspection and Testing
H54.6011960-03-017127.78 KBDistribution of Fire Protective Apparatus
H54.6021959-02-014144.14 KBWater-Type Fire Extinguishers
H54.6031952-01-014133.91 KBSoda-Acid Type Fire Extinguishers
H54.6051953-05-014234.87 KBCarbon Dioxide Type Fire Extinguishers
H54.6101958-02-012494.99 KBFire Protection Apparatus - Routine Inspection and Maintenance
H54.610NJ A1960-01-01D255.19 KBFire Protection Apparatus - Routine Inspection and Maintenance