Division H30: Buildings - Construction and Mechanical Plant

Section Date Issue Size Title
H30.1011954-08-01245.93 KBBuilding Classification by Type of Construction
H32.3341953-12-012134.99 KBExterior Walls of Masonry - Moisture Penetration
H32.3351952-10-01296.70 KBParapet Walls
H32.3781960-08-013135.46 KBInterior Finish of Rooms in Central Office Buildings
H32.4051960-04-01245.95 KBFlat Roof Grading
H34.1141948-10-01281.98 KBSoap Dispensing Systems
H34.1901952-01-011127.35 KBRelief Valves for Hot Water Storage Tanks
H34.2601958-03-011309.42 KBWater Treatment - Open and Closed Heat Exchanger Systems
H34.2711955-07-011157.66 KBAtmosphereic Environment for Telephone Equipment Space - General Considerations and Heat Release Data
H34.2811956-08-011477.94 KBCooling Towers
H34.2841953-04-012237.92 KBVentilation - Basement Spaces
H34.2901952-01-01168.26 KBSafety Valves for Low Pressure Steam Boilers
H34.2921952-01-01178.36 KBRelief Valves for Hot Water Supply Boilers
H34.2931952-01-01172.80 KBLow Water Cut-Off Controls for Oil Burners
H34.3111953-12-01158.67 KBAir Navigation Obstruction - Marking and Lighting for Radio Relay Towers and Buildings
H34.3401933-04-01138.41 KBLighting Fixtures
H36.1481952-05-012215.04 KBCable Openings
H36.148 A1959-07-01119.27 KBCable Openings
H36.1631954-09-01216.46 KBCable Vaults - Cable Entrances, Details of Vault Construction, and Steel Work of Cable Racks