Division H20: Buildings - Planning

Section Date Issue Size Title
H20.1111959-06-012237.47 KBDesign Loads for Telephone Buildings
H20.1211960-01-013107.64 KBCeiling Heights for Equipment Buildings
H20.2001953-12-011265.54 KBBuilding Planning - General Considerations
H20.2201953-08-012227.49 KBChecking Routine - Building Project Planning and Design
H20.2221953-08-011345.51 KBChecking Routine - Garages and Garage Work-Centers - Project Planning and Design
H21.1111953-12-012178.99 KBSelection of Building Sites for Central Offices
H22.1011953-06-011106.72 KBColumn Spacing in Equipment Rooms
H24.5011953-01-013163.24 KBToilet Rooms - General