Division G90: Outside Plant Contruction and Maintenance - Motor Vehicles and Construction Apparatus

Section Date Issue Size Title
G90.000.1PT1958-06-01H1.10 MBChecking List and Index - Construction and Maintenance Forces [G90-G99 - Motor Vehicles and Construction Apparatus]
G91.210.11952-01-0111.58 MBElectric Brake Cab Controls
G91.300.11956-03-0114.45 MBTruck Cab Control Levers - Identification by Color Code - Operation
G91.800.11951-09-011649.29 KBInsulated Water Cask
G91.850.11953-04-0111.33 MBWheel Chocks
G92.100.11954-10-0111.25 MBB Sheave Guard
G92.300.1PT X1957-02-01A1017.82 KBPole Derricks - General - Tel-E-Lect Power Stowed
G92.320.11953-11-0115.19 MBPole Derricks - Middle Type
G92.330.11953-11-0115.98 MBPole Derricks - T Type
G92.335.11955-03-0115.10 MBHP-40 and HP-45 Pole Derricks
G92.340.11952-02-0113.98 MBLTF Pole Derrick
G92.345.11955-03-0114.39 MBFHP-35 and FHP-40 Pole Derricks
G92.350.11953-07-0112.35 MBPole Derricks - Earth-Boring Machine Type
G92.350.1PT A1953-12-01A186.60 KBPole Derricks - Earth-Boring Machine Type
G92.360.11952-01-0113.11 MBPM Frame
G92.370.11953-07-011596.33 KBGas Cylinder Derrick
G92.400.11952-06-0115.59 MBWinches and Power Take-Offs - General
G92.400.21958-08-0111.40 MBAuxiliary Hydraulic Winch Drive
G92.410.11952-06-0111.79 MBPower Winches - Single-Drum
G92.420.11953-01-0121.08 MBPower Winches - Double-Drum
G92.430.11952-06-011827.02 KBEarth Boring Machine Winches
G92.450.11955-03-0112.64 MBPowercrat Cable Puller - Electric Winch
G93.010.11951-12-0111.63 MBTowing Hooks
G93.010.1PT A1957-12-01A418.69 KBTowing Hooks
G93.100.11958-05-0115.00 MBPole Trailers - General
G93.100.21954-06-0113.54 MBPole Trailers - Equipment
G93.100.31953-11-0112.92 MBPole Trailers - Loading and Binding
G93.120.11951-08-0111.72 MBPole Dolly
G93.120.1PT A1957-04-01B685.08 KBPole Dolly
G93.200.11952-02-0114.97 MBCable Reel Trailers
G93.200.8PT1956-10-01A2.47 MBCable Reel Trailers - Truco Hydraulic Trailer
G93.200.9PT1956-06-01A961.70 KBCable Reel Trailers - HRD3 Hydraulic Trailer
G93.210.11956-05-0113.62 MBWSC Trailer
G93.220.11951-08-0111.95 MBR Cable Reel Brake
G93.225.11955-07-0112.46 MBB Cable Reel Brake
G93.230.11951-08-0111.26 MBTF Cable Guide
G93.230.1PT A1952-05-01A258.05 KBTF Cable Guide
G93.250.11952-01-0115.38 MBE Cable Lasher - Installation
G94.100.11952-10-0126.66 MBHC Earth Boring Machine
G94.300.11952-04-0119.71 MBPE Digger
G94.300.1PT A1951-10-01A260.36 KBPE Digger
G94.400.11955-09-0115.76 MBB Hydraulic Digger
G95.400.11955-04-0113.24 MBRyan Wire and Cable Plow
G96.010.11961-04-0135.78 MBGasoline Air-Cooled Engines - Briggs & Stratton 4-Cycle
G96.010.21961-04-0126.97 MBLP-Gas Air-Cooled Engines - Briggs & Stratton 4-Cycle
G96.110.11951-09-011953.85 KBPortable Electric Manhole Blower
G96.110.21959-03-0111.20 MBAC-DC Blower (AT-C172X)
G96.120.11959-03-0131.66 MBEngine Driven Blower (AT-C 158X)
G96.130.11951-12-0111.43 MBManhole Blower Hose
G96.140.11956-07-0112.50 MBMoPeCo Ventilating Heaters - Description and Maintenance
G96.310.11951-08-0112.76 MBPortable Gasoline Engine Electric Generator
G96.310.1PT A1952-05-01A221.21 KBPortable Gasoline Engine Electric Generator
G96.510.11958-09-0132.14 MBGorman-Rupp Manhole Pumps
G96.550.11959-02-0115.09 MBReciprocating Power Saw AT-C169X
G97.015.0PT1957-07-01A2.20 MBLindsay Air Compressor
G97.015.11951-12-0111.73 MBAir Compressors - Compressed Air Tools
G97.015.31952-01-0113.15 MBAir Compressor - Chicago Pneumatic
G97.315.11951-12-0111.84 MB15 Ton Pole Jack
G97.315.9PT1958-10-01B1.94 MBPower Operated Hydraulic Pole Jack
G97.375.21951-08-0111.55 MB6067-A Telephone Set - Intercommunicating Set for H21 Ladder
G97.515.11952-01-0111.87 MBOrdering Repair Parts
G97.521.11951-08-0111.15 MBSL Connecting Pins
G97.530.11951-09-0112.89 MBD Underground Cable Puller
G97.577.11951-10-0111.53 MBCR Collapsible Power Reel
G97.580.11952-08-0111.67 MBRS Power Reel
G97.586.11952-04-0114.79 MBFlexible Sewer-Rod Duct Rodder
G97.616.11953-06-0114.21 MBCable Reel Slings
G97.617.1PT A1955-09-01A622.95 KBWire Rope Slings
G99.001.1PT1952-04-01A496.28 KBMotor Vehicle Fuel Economy
G99.002.1PT1952-08-01A1019.96 KBTire Conservation
G99.003.1PT1952-08-01A638.52 KBTru-Stop Brake Operation