Division G80: Outside Plant Contruction and Maintenance - Tools

Section Date Issue Size Title
G80.000.1PT1958-06-01L2.26 MBChecking List and Index - Construction and Maintenance Forces [G80-G88 - Tools]
G80.030.1PT1952-06-01A996.26 KBB Cord Adapter
G80.2801938-03-0111.88 MBTools - 4 Lb. Axe
G80.290.11954-07-0111.78 MBKS-Type Dry Batteries
G80.410.11949-08-011658.58 KBBody Belts - General
G80.410.21949-08-011999.64 KBBody Belts - Inspection
G80.410.31949-08-0111.04 MBBody Belts - Care and Maintenance
G80.410.41957-05-012393.58 KBBody Belts - Safety Precautions
G80.411.11954-04-011556.90 KBC Body Belt - General
G80.411.21954-04-011627.32 KBNylon Body Belts - Inspection and Maintenance
G80.412.11957-11-0113.05 MBTower Body Belt and Safety Straps
G80.420.11954-04-013560.34 KBCable Benders
G80.4401935-01-0118.64 MBTools - Wood Boring Bits and Drills
G80.445.11957-04-0121.02 MBLinemen's Blankets
G80.640.11955-05-0111.99 MBCable Car - Maintenance
G80.801.11957-02-0121.24 MBTools - Linemen's Climbers - Description
G80.801.21957-07-012784.05 KBTools - Linemen's Climbers - Precautions
G80.801.31957-07-0126.24 MBTools - Linemen's Climbers - Inspection
G80.801.41957-07-0124.22 MBTools - Linemen's Climbers - Sharpening Gaffs
G80.801.4PT A1957-10-01A587.61 KBTools - Linemen's Climbers - Sharpening Gaffs
G80.8021941-06-0113.65 MBTools - Climber Straps and Pads
G80.817.11961-02-0113.09 MBB Soldering Copper
G80.830.11954-06-0111.42 MBB Clip Crimper
G80.835.11956-09-0111.60 MBWire and Cable Cutter
G81.190.11952-09-0111.33 MBL Masonry Drills
G81.270.11948-11-0112.42 MBStrand Dynamometer
G81.610.11954-08-011447.94 KBB Sleeve Extractor
G81.730.11951-08-0112.16 MBWarning Flasher
G81.730.1PT A1954-06-01A313.78 KBWarning Flasher
G81.831.11955-06-0124.26 MBC Kerosene Furnace
G81.835.11952-05-0113.08 MBB Propane Furnace
G81.835.1PT A1953-11-01A461.21 KBB Propane Furnace
G81.840.11956-06-0125.20 MBLinemen's Rubber Gloves
G81.840.1PT A1956-10-01B1.02 MBLinemen's Rubber Gloves
G82.240.11955-08-0112.10 MBAerial Cable Guides - Description
G82.320.11952-07-0113.89 MBHammers and Hatchets - Description and Maintenance
G82.320.1PT A1952-12-01A838.62 KBHammers and Hatchets - Description and Maintenance
G82.380.11949-02-011963.95 KBSplicer's Handlines
G82.380.1PT A1950-10-01A202.94 KBSplicer's Handlines
G82.431.11956-12-0121.77 MBPropane Tent Heaters
G82.4401938-01-0122.75 MBChain Hoist - Operation and Use
G82.440PT A1938-04-01A315.04 KBChain Hoist - Operation and Use
G82.441.11955-11-0131.98 MBCM Chain Hoists - 3/4 Ton and 1-1/2 Ton
G82.450.11952-09-011933.70 KBMasonry Drill Holders
G82.450.1PT A1953-03-01A229.53 KBMasonry Drill Holders
G82.451.11956-04-012507.77 KBB Tool Holder
G82.452.11957-02-011690.61 KBB Acetylene Torch Holder
G82.460.11954-05-011956.46 KBLine Hose
G82.640.11950-08-0111.71 MBB Flow Indicator
G82.649.11958-10-0123.03 MBGas Indicator - Explosimeter, Model 2
G82.649.1PT A1959-04-01D285.16 KBGas Indicator - Explosimeter Model 2
G82.649.21951-09-0112.71 MBGas Indicator - Vapotester, Model M-1, Type A
G82.649.2PT A1954-06-01C401.12 KBGas Indicator - Vapotester, Model M-1 Type A
G82.650.11959-06-0123.64 MBSuction Gas Indicator (AT-7823)
G82.650.1PT A1951-08-01B281.36 KBSuction Gas Indicator
G82.651.11950-11-011552.61 KBB Desiccant Injector
G82.651.1PT A1957-10-01A598.20 KBB Desiccant Injector
G83.620.11949-01-011692.87 KBExtension Ladders - Description
G83.620.1PT A1949-03-01A309.91 KBExtension Ladders - Description
G83.620.21949-01-0113.68 MBExtension Ladders - Selecting Length, Footing, and Upper Supports
G83.620.31958-05-0124.31 MBExtension Ladders - Raising and Lowering Ladders
G83.620.41949-01-011367.17 KBExtension Ladders - Transporting Ladders
G83.620.51949-01-0111.02 MBExtension Ladders - Safety Precautions
G83.620.5PT A1949-03-01A276.36 KBExtension Ladders - Safety Precautions
G83.620.61958-01-0123.06 MBExtension Ladders - Inspection and Maintenance
G83.620.6PT A1958-04-01B301.71 KBExtension Ladders - Inspection and Maintenance
G83.620.71949-06-011410.32 KBExtension Ladders - Use of B Ladder Hooks
G83.620.81956-09-011446.78 KBB Ladder Foot
G83.809.11961-01-012689.28 KBHead Lamp
G83.810.11957-08-0121.27 MBC Splicer's Lamp
G83.811.11956-08-011462.95 KBB Splicer's Lamp
G83.825.11948-08-011917.20 KBB Cable Lasher - Care and Maintenance
G83.825.21946-08-0112.19 MBD Neale Spinner - Care and Maintenance
G83.825.31947-05-0112.41 MBC Cable Lasher - Care and Maintenance
G83.825.41952-07-0112.08 MBD Cable Lasher - Care and Maintenance
G83.825.51957-08-0112.29 MBE Cable Lasher - Care and Maintenance
G83.827.11950-04-011781.98 KBCable Lifter
G83.902PT1948-05-01A3.06 MBTools - Use and Care of Step-Ladders
G83.9051939-08-0111.77 MBTools - Clearance Measuring Line
G83.906PT1949-03-01A627.76 KBTools - Combination Ladders
G83.910.11957-10-011804.09 KBConnecting Link
G84.125.11949-02-0113.27 MBManometers
G85.020.11958-08-011487.05 KBNeedle Point Test Pick
G85.0451943-01-0127.57 MBSplicing Platforms
G85.045PT A1954-11-01C523.22 KBSplicing Platforms
G85.045PT X1955-09-01B1.55 MBSplicing Platforms - Utility Platform
G85.045.11957-12-0113.49 MBAerial Platforms - General
G85.045.31957-12-0113.09 MBC Aerial Platform
G85.045.41957-12-0111.02 MBLadder Platforms
G85.047.0PT1958-05-01A1.55 MBUtility Platform
G85.047.11957-03-0112.86 MBB Pole Platform
G85.070.11952-07-011567.90 KBDrift Plugs
G85.071.11958-09-011301.94 KB387B Plug
G85.080.11958-08-011500.27 KBB Test Point
G85.115.11956-06-0121.47 MBElectric Solder Pots
G85.125.11956-01-0131.08 MBSleeve Presser - Nicopress Tools for Splicing Line Wire
G85.125.51952-09-011600.30 KBSleeve Presser - B Sleeve Presser
G85.125.71952-09-011792.80 KBSleeve Presser - No. 17-2 Nicopress Tool
G85.126.11956-03-0122.17 MBB900149 Pneumatic Presser
G85.126.21956-03-0111.65 MBB Pneumatic Presser
G85.126.31957-03-0112.02 MBC Pneumatic Presser
G85.140.11945-09-0112.47 MBPressure Testing - Miscellaneous Tools
G85.140.1PT A1953-04-01B593.36 KBPressure Testing - Miscellaneous Tools
G85.140.31953-09-0121.29 MBPressure Testing Tools - B and C Cable Drills
G85.140.51950-10-0112.27 MBPressure Testing Tools - B Pressure Testing Chuck
G85.141.11945-10-0113.30 MBPressure Testing - Regulators
G85.142.11945-10-0111.71 MBPressure Testing - Gauges
G85.142.21950-09-0111.14 MBPressure Testing Tools - B Gas Regulator
G85.142.2PT A1954-01-01A306.41 KBPressure Testing Tools - B Gas Regulators
G85.142.31952-12-0113.10 MBPressure Testing Tools - Type FA-176021, W. and T. Manometer
G85.142.41958-02-0111.42 MBPressure Testing - C Pressure Gauge
G85.143.11945-10-0111.52 MBPressure Testing - Cylinder Charging Apparatus
G85.144.11946-04-011531.03 KBPressure Testing Tools - Pressure Gun
G85.144.21957-12-0112.16 MBPressure Testing Tools - B and C Pressure Guns
G85.145.11953-05-0112.39 MBPressure Testing - B Leak Locator - Description
G85.145.21953-05-011723.47 KBPressure Testing - B Leak Locator - Collector
G85.145.31953-05-0112.49 MBPressure Testing - B Leak Locator - Detector
G85.145.3PT A1953-07-01A185.53 KBPressure Testing - B Leak Locator - Detector
G85.145.41953-05-0112.71 MBPressure Testing - B Leak Locator - Control Unit
G85.145.4PT A1954-06-01B240.72 KBPressure Testing - B Leak Locator - Control Unit
G85.145.51953-05-0111.94 MBPressure Testing - B Leak Locator - Power Unit
G85.145.5PT A1953-07-01A182.64 KBPressure Testing - B Leak Locator - Power Unit
G85.145.61953-05-011680.01 KBPressure Testing - B Leak Locator - Test Leak
G85.149.11954-06-011640.88 KBPressure Testing - Wrenches
G85.208.11954-11-0121.04 MBSlack Pullers
G85.208.1PT A1955-12-01A206.12 KBSlack Pullers
G85.210.11956-11-0121.10 MBStrand Pullers - Maintenance
G85.650.11956-08-011647.83 KBB Line Wire Reel
G85.705.11954-08-011745.15 KBC Gas Regulator
G85.715.11953-01-011649.41 KBB Support Ring
G85.730.11951-09-011942.86 KBB Clearance Rod - Description
G85.800.11957-02-0114.02 MBManila Rope and Blocks - Rope - General
G85.800.21957-02-0112.56 MBManila Rope and Blocks - Serving and Splicing Rope
G85.800.31957-02-0117.81 MBManila Rope and Blocks - Knots, Bends and Hitches
G85.800.3PT A1957-12-01A248.29 KBManila Rope and Blocks - Knots, Bends and Hitches
G85.800.41959-02-0121.15 MBManila Rope and Blocks - Lashings
G85.800.51957-02-0115.35 MBManila Rope and Blocks - Blocks
G85.968PT TS1942-05-01A894.53 KBOperation of Wire Takedown Reels [Temporary Section]
G86.000.0PT1957-01-01A2.42 MBTools - Wright Gasoline Power Saw
G86.0301931-10-0111.15 MBTools - Pole Scale
G86.0501961-02-0134.21 MBTools - Screwdrivers - Use, Care and Maintenance
G86.054.11956-04-0122.83 MBTelephone Sets
G86.057.11958-09-0122.08 MB106A, 107A and 107B Test Sets - Description and Maintenance
G86.060.11948-05-0111.45 MBBreakdown Test Set BO-240457 - Description and Maintenance
G86.060.1PT A1954-06-01B252.04 KBBreakdown Test Set BO-240457 - Description and Maintenance
G86.060.21957-10-0163.73 MBKS-14103 Test Set
G86.060.31949-01-0111.39 MB107-A and 108-A Amplifiers - Description and Maintenance
G86.060.51949-07-011917.22 KB84A Test Set
G86.060.71956-03-0135.66 MB71- and 72-Type Test Sets
G86.060.91949-01-0112.25 MB76-Type Test Sets - Description and Maintenance
G86.061.11955-05-0132.91 MB91A Test Set
G86.061.1PT A1955-11-01C227.46 KB91A Test Set
G86.061.31949-07-0111.05 MB78A and 95A Test Sets - Description and Maintenance
G86.061.41949-11-0111.03 MB27A Oscillator - Description and Maintenance
G86.061.51955-12-0121.24 MB99A, 99B and 95B Test Sets
G86.061.61953-11-0111.14 MB20C Test Set
G86.061.6PT A1954-06-01A822.08 KB20C Test Sets
G86.061.81958-11-0132.19 MB101- and 105-Type Test Sets
G86.061.8PT A1959-02-01B257.50 KB101 and 105-Type Test Sets
G86.062.11948-12-0113.83 MB90A Test Set
G86.062.21957-05-012996.52 KB13-A and 13-B Power Units
G86.063.11950-11-011763.45 KB88A Test Set
G86.064.11954-08-0124.17 MBKS-14959 Test Set (Portable Wheatstone Bridge)
G86.064.31958-05-0131.85 MB96A Test Set
G86.065.11957-07-0123.06 MB108A and 109A Test Sets
G86.067.11961-01-0112.98 MBAT-7888 List 1A Test Set - Speaker Set
G86.075.11951-07-0113.51 MBTest Sets - Wilkinson Line Locators - Description and Maintenance
G86.075.21956-01-0111.59 MBTest Sets - Fisher M Scope - Pipe Locator
G86.076.11954-06-0111.94 MBMegger Test Sets - Low Voltage Types
G86.076.21954-06-0112.40 MBMegger Test Sets - High Voltage Types
G86.100.11956-08-012844.72 KBManhole Shields
G86.105.11952-02-0111.07 MBStrand Shifters - Description
G86.122.11949-07-011671.41 KBB Gas Cylinder Sling
G86.123.11951-08-011521.25 KBTool Snap
G86.143.11956-09-011962.71 KBC Sheath Slitter
G86.189.11959-02-011745.54 KBHand Sprayer
G86.190.11949-12-011945.51 KBTools - B Insecticide Sprayer
G86.195.11954-06-011845.14 KBB Pole Steps - Inspection for Cracks
G86.195.1PT A1954-12-01A265.64 KBB Pole Steps - Inspection for Cracks
G86.240.21956-08-0133.79 MBLeather Safety Straps
G86.240.2PT A1956-12-01C350.29 KBLeather Safety Straps
G86.240.31956-08-0122.32 MBFabric Safety Straps
G86.240.3PT A1956-12-01B339.95 KBFabric Safety Straps
G86.250.11955-03-012900.99 KBBraid Strippers
G86.260.11952-01-011856.68 KBManhole Platform Support
G86.260.1PT A1954-08-01A200.28 KBManhole Platform Support
G86.261.11953-12-0111.28 MBB Ladder Support
G86.261.21961-03-011883.50 KBC Ladder Support
G86.265.11958-08-0111.81 MBStud Driver and Masonry Drill Holder
G86.265.1PT A1958-11-01A226.20 KBStud Driver and Masonry Drill Holder
G86.345.11952-01-0111.51 MBB and C Aerial Tents
G86.346.11957-08-0122.18 MBC Ladder Tent
G86.347.11957-01-011781.87 KBCabinet Tent
G86.349.11961-01-0112.57 MBG Aerial Tent
G86.350.11961-03-0113.51 MBB Workman's Tent
G86.510.11951-12-011609.09 KBMeasuring Tapes - Woven
G86.510.1PT A1953-01-01A192.09 KBMeasuring Tapes - Woven
G86.520.11948-03-0111.08 MBTools - Sleeve Rolling Tool
G86.540.11953-11-0123.04 MBAcetylene Torches
G86.540.1PT A1954-06-01A234.58 KBAcetylene Torches
G86.901.1PT1952-11-01A1.50 MBOperation of Hand or Pack Carried Mobile Radio Stations
G86.970PT1940-11-01A986.47 KBOperation of Strand Reel Trailer
G87.130.11956-10-011645.02 KBKS-14725 Voltmeter
G87.400.11953-11-0122.17 MBB Cable Wrapper
G88.0051936-07-2113.40 MBPainting Tools - Painting and Repainting Ladders, Soft Wood Tool Handles, Drop Wire Reels and Other Tools