Division G40: Outside Plant Contruction and Maintenance - Conduit

Section Date Issue Size Title
G40.000.1PT1958-06-01H412.76 KBChecking List and Index - Construction and Maintenance Forces [G40-G45 - Conduit and Manholes]
G40.053.11946-10-011493.47 KBConduit and Manholes - Delivery and Storage of Materials
G40.055.11946-10-0113.26 MBConduit and Manholes - Material Tables
G40.055.1PT A1947-02-01A73.73 KBConduit and Manholes - Material Tables
G40.057.11946-12-0111.91 MBConduit and Manholes - Repairing Broken Ends of Clay Conduit
G40.060.1PT WR1949-03-01A225.64 KBConduit and Manholes - Conduit Types and Uses
G40.070.11946-10-011472.82 KBConduit and Manholes - Standard Formations
G40.070.1PT A1947-02-01A103.96 KBConduit and Manholes - Standard Formations
G40.090.11946-10-0111.06 MBConduit and Manholes - Precautions
G41.1101943-07-0114.30 MBMain Conduit - Trench Work
G41.110PT A1958-04-01A141.25 KBMain Conduit - Trench Work
G41.1201943-07-0114.88 MBMain Conduit - Laying Clay Conduit
G41.120PT A1947-04-01A268.14 KBMain Conduit - Laying Clay Conduit
G41.1221943-07-011590.56 KBMain Conduit - Laying Pine Conduit
G41.1241943-07-011536.02 KBMain Conduit - Laying Steel Pipe
G41.126.11956-12-0111.45 MBMain Conduit - Laying B Fibre Conduit
G41.128.11953-04-0111.27 MBMain Conduit - Laying B Cement Conduit
G41.1301943-07-0114.04 MBMain Conduit - Joints
G41.1401943-07-0111.77 MBMain Conduit - Special Construction
G41.1501943-07-0111.35 MBMain Conduit - Reinforcing
G41.410.11954-01-0118.45 MBMain Conduit - Repair and Rearrangement
G41.902PT1954-09-01B2.59 MBMain Conduit - Laying Soapstone Conduit
G41.902PT A1957-11-01B155.98 KBMain Conduit - Laying Soapstone Conduit
G42.110.11946-12-0111.27 MBSubsidiary Conduit - Laying
G42.110.1PT A1958-04-01A152.53 KBSubsidiary Conduit - Laying
G42.120.11946-12-0114.70 MBSubsidiary Conduit - Conduit Fittings
G42.120.1PT A1947-03-01A330.53 KBSubsidiary Conduit - Conduit Fittings
G42.130.11946-12-0112.10 MBSubsidiary Conduit - Terminating
G42.4101939-12-011773.85 KBSubsidiary Conduit - Repairing
G42.901.1PT1951-06-01A1.16 MBSubsidiary Conduit - 1 Duct Round Bore Clay Conduit with Rubber Couplings
G43.110.1PT A1959-05-01B126.59 KBManholes - General
G43.118.11946-06-0113.49 MBManholes - Excavating
G43.118.1PT A1947-01-01A233.77 KBManholes - Excavating
G43.120.11946-06-0111.16 MBManholes - Concrete Forms - General
G43.120.1PT A1947-01-01A139.67 KBManholes - Concrete Forms - General
G43.120.31946-06-0113.24 MBManholes - Concrete Forms - Assembly Diagrams
G43.120.3PT A1947-01-01A150.99 KBManholes - Concrete Forms - Assembly Diagrams
G43.120.51946-06-0111.35 MBManholes - Concrete Forms - Erection of Forms
G43.120.5PT A1947-01-01A138.28 KBManholes - Concrete Forms - Erection of Forms
G43.120.71946-06-011374.49 KBManholes - Concrete Forms - Removal and Care of Forms
G43.122.11946-06-0111.87 MBManholes - Manhole Floors
G43.124.11946-06-0111.93 MBManholes - Concrete Manhole Walls
G43.124.1PT A1956-03-01A276.37 KBManholes - Concrete Manhole Walls
G43.126.11946-06-0112.26 MBManholes - Manhole Roofs
G43.126.1PT A1957-05-01B264.83 KBManholes - Manhole Roofs
G43.130.11946-06-0111.20 MBManholes - Brick Manholes
G43.140.11946-06-0117.45 MBManholes - Equipping
G43.140.1PT A1957-05-01C1.02 MBManholes - Equipping
G43.142.11951-01-0121.54 MBManholes - Manhole Extension Rings
G43.160.1PT1947-01-01A1.26 MBManholes - Identification
G43.410.11946-06-0114.10 MBManholes - Repairing
G43.901PT1956-10-01B1.15 MBManholes - Splicing Boxes
G44.1101931-10-0111.91 MBUnderground Conduit for Service Connections - General
G44.110PT A1941-03-17A620.52 KBUnderground Conduit for Service Connections - General
G44.1201931-10-0111.63 MBUnderground Conduit for Service Connections - Locating Conduit Run
G44.1301931-10-0113.16 MBUnderground Conduit for Service Connections - Placing and Terminating Ducts
G44.130PT A1954-12-01C543.32 KBUnderground Conduit for Service Connections - Placing and Terminating Ducts
G45.110.11945-05-011726.45 KBConcrete and Mortar - Cement
G45.120.11945-05-011816.73 KBConcrete and Mortar - Aggregates
G45.130.11945-05-011867.31 KBConcrete and Mortar - Admixtures
G45.140.11945-05-0113.55 MBConcrete and Mortar - Design and Control of Concrete
G45.145.11945-05-0111.07 MBConcrete and Mortar - Ready-Mixed Concrete
G45.150.11945-05-0113.12 MBConcrete and Mortar - Mixing and Placing Concrete
G45.155.11945-05-0111.67 MBConcrete and Mortar - Reinforced Concrete Details
G45.160.11945-05-0111.49 MBConcrete and Mortar - Mortar
G45.170.11945-05-0111.22 MBConcrete and Mortar - Construction During Low Temperatures
G45.180.11945-05-011717.14 KBConcrete and Mortar - Waterproofing
G45.210.11945-05-0112.09 MBConcrete and Mortar - Tests
G45.310.11945-05-0115.70 MBConcrete and Mortar - Inspection Information - Concrete
G45.320.11945-05-0112.05 MBConcrete and Mortar - Inspection Information - Reinforced Concrete