Division F: Local Test Room Operation

Section Date Issue Size Title
F14.511.1PT1957-11-01A112.24 KBTelephone Set Requirements (Form P-2255)
F23.930PT X11958-06-01A140.89 KBAutomatic Dialers - Special Study of Dialaphone Installations
F26.912PT1958-11-01F1.63 MBWork Sheets
F26.926.1PT1959-04-15A285.08 KBCoin Box Burglar Alarms
F28.5111961-09-012632.33 KBLine Concentrator No. 1A - Cutover Procedures and Addition and Deletion of Individual Lines
F44.1231935-07-2011.08 MBMethod of Operation - Local Test Cabinet No. 2
F92.310NY1949-03-31A220.97 KBCall Box Circuits - Bridged Leased Lines
F92.310NY A1949-12-08A575.98 KBCall Box Circuits - Bridged Leased Lines