Division C10: Station Installation and Maintenance - General / Components

Section Date Issue Size Title
C10.0011932-09-012251.24 KBScope and Arrangement [Station Installation and Maintenance]
C10.0021932-09-012128.18 KBOutline [Station Installation and Maintenance]
C11.0011932-09-012164.43 KBPlan for System Issued Practices
C11.0021936-03-023225.40 KBPlan for Bell Operating Company Practices
C12.001PT1954-12-01A57.87 KBNumerical Index and Checking List - Division C10 - General
C12.002PT1954-12-01A50.85 KBNumerical Index and Checking List - Division C20 - Wiring
C12.003PT1954-12-01A196.60 KBNumerical Index and Checking List - Division C30 - Apparatus
C12.101PT1953-01-01C927.69 KBAlphabetical Index [Station Installation and Maintenance]
C14.0011956-03-011137.87 KBTelephone Service - Merchandising
C14.0021955-07-011678.12 KBTelephone Sets - 500-Type - Colors
C14.0031956-02-011148.57 KBKey Telephone Sets
C14.0041956-02-011184.16 KBSignals
C14.0061956-02-01163.80 KBSpring Cords
C14.0081956-02-01194.65 KBSpeakerphones
C14.0091956-02-01172.16 KBTelephone Answering Sets
C15.913NY1950-11-15F237.32 KBField Supply Locker Locations
C15.916NY1947-11-29C203.80 KBTelephone Numbers Used by Installation Field Forces
C15.917NY1953-06-15B77.25 KBComplaints of Wire Taps on Customers' Lines
C15.930NY1953-07-15A861.59 KBAction to be Taken During Working Hours in Event of a Civil Defense Emergency
C15.930NY1956-12-01B108.54 KBAction to be Taken During Working Hours in Event of a Civil Defense Emergency
C15.952PT1949-11-01A302.35 KBSaving Disconnects
C16.0001956-07-0112.65 MBAlphabetical Index [Station Operations Manual]
C16.0001960-10-012263.48 KBScope and Arrangement [Station Operations Manual]
C16.0021962-06-0171.81 MBNumerical Code Index [Station Operations Manual]
C16.902NY1954-09-01A135.15 KBDivision Maps [New York Telephone Company]
C16.902PT1957-11-01A109.86 KBTelephone Set Requirements (Form P-2255)
C16.903NY1946-09-16E71.26 KBCoin Collector Robberies
C16.904PT1959-04-01A134.44 KBPlant Test Codes, Test Numbers, and Call Lines
C16.990PT1958-11-01F1.63 MBWork Sheets
C16.995.1PT1959-04-15A315.45 KBCoin Box Burglar Alarms
C16.996PT X11958-06-01A140.89 KBAutomatic Dialers - Special Study of Dialaphone Installations
C17.0511961-12-011133.33 KBB Automatic Drill
C17.126.001961-07-011309.46 KBPackaging and Handling Disconnected Station Apparatus
C17.2001958-08-0111.45 MB81A Test Set
C17.2011961-10-011217.49 KBKS-16990, List 1 Test Set
C17.908NY1961-10-01A3.68 MBModel 15-A Transmission Test Set (Northeast Electronics Corporation)
C18.005.001963-02-014921.45 KBStation Dials - Rotary Type - Identification and Assembly of Parts
C18.0411959-12-012591.40 KBRinger - D Type - Maintenance
C18.0421960-01-0131.70 MBE1A Ringer
C18.0431960-04-0131.39 MBF1A Ringer
C18.0481962-10-011613.15 KBM1A and N1A Ringer - Identification and Maintenance
C18.0511960-05-013605.79 KBStation Cords
C18.0531961-11-012228.99 KBApparatus Blanks
C18.055.11960-04-012409.68 KBStation Number Cards and Holders
C18.055.21959-06-011481.83 KBTransparent Windows for Turn-Button and Key Telephone Sets
C18.055.2NW A1960-06-30A22.82 KBTransparent Windows for Turn-Button and Key Telephone Sets
C18.055.31959-06-011628.55 KBDesignation Strips and Cards
C18.055.3NW A1960-06-30A24.54 KBDesignation Strips and Cards
C18.055.3PT X11960-12-01A717.92 KBPrivate Line Designation and Instruction Cards
C18.0591960-01-0121.78 MBTransmitters and Transmitter Units
C18.0651962-09-0142.80 MBInduction Coils, Networks, and Equalizers
C18.0661962-04-011291.84 KBStation Transformers
C18.0671960-02-012226.40 KBCapacitors
C18.0711957-03-0111.38 MB61-Type Filters
C18.071.001960-06-011575.67 KB61-Type Filters - Identification
C18.071.011960-10-0111.23 MB61-Type Filters - Installation and Maintenance
C18.0731962-02-012224.99 KBDiodes and Varistors - Identification
C18.956.2PT1963-03-01A84.16 KBPlant Service Center Operations - Station Number Cards - Transparent Windows