Division B: Private Branch Exchange Installation and Maintenance

Section Date Issue Size Title
B204.4481960-04-012587.60 KBRecorded Telephone Dictation Trunks - SD-65728-01 and SD-65788-01 - Operation Tests - 701A, 701B, 711A, 711B, 740A, 740AX, 740B, 740C, 740E, 755A or 756A PBX
B251.0011960-04-014365.98 KBLine Finders - Operation Tests - 701A, 701B, 711A, and 711B PBX
B256.2221960-01-012844.65 KBAttendant Trunk Circuits - 756A PBX
B303.001.1NY1953-12-10A249.01 KBCordless P.B.X. Switchboards for Civil Defense Units
B401.0031949-01-193D2.05 MBP.B.X. Storage Batteries
B432.0451930-03-291D1004.36 KBStromberg Carlson 319 and 320 Type Keys
B432.045 A1947-02-031D25.37 KBStromberg Carlson 319 and 320 Type Keys
B460.0511950-02-1013.16 MBRelays - 271 Type
B461.0021937-08-162D5.07 MBRelays - B and G Types
B490.6051953-10-012328.42 KBRelays - 111 (Part of 163), 121, 122, 125, 149, 162, 178, and 179 Types (Reference Section for B460.014)
B490.6101951-11-202308.25 KBRelays - 206, 227, 231 and 239 Types (Referene Section for B460.023)
B490.6421954-04-012482.68 KBRelays - B and G Types (Reference Section for B461.002)
B490.6441949-03-302823.14 KBRelays - E, EA, F, H. R and T Types (Reference Section for B461.004)
B490.6451956-02-014322.30 KBRelays - J Type (Reference Section for B461.005)
B490.6461954-06-012200.59 KBRelays - L, N, and S Types (Reference Section for B461.006)
B490.8201954-04-012576.96 KBDials - 2, 4, 5, and 6 Types (Reference Section for BB408.002)
B502.0091959-06-0121.62 MBMaking and Removing Wrapped Connections on Punched-Type or Wire-Type Terminals Not Having Notches or Perforations
B502.0161953-04-012671.36 KBPlacing Switchboard Lamps
B502.016NY A1953-10-01B60.45 KBPlacing Switchboard Lamps
B502.0211947-11-121466.13 KBProcedures for Cording Operators' Dials and Associated Dial Mountings
B502.059 A1960-04-0112.21 MBInstallation - 1-S Automatic Call Distribution System
B502.0931960-06-0111.39 MBTransmitter Transfer Unit - Description and Installation
B502.3051930-08-251375.00 KBMounting and Aligning Miscellaneous Apparatus
B502.3211940-01-092160.59 KBMounting of Hand Set Hangers
B502.321NY A1940-09-30A795.67 KBMounting of Hand Set Hangers
B502.531WR1944-01-113546.04 KBSubstitues for Shellac
B502.535WR1944-01-113546.04 KBSubstitues for Shellac
B502.541WR1944-01-113546.04 KBSubstitues for Shellac
B503.3051930-07-251275.14 KBCleaning and Polishing Plugs
B503.6051940-01-152D3.10 MBCleaning Procedures for Relay Contacts and Parts and for Contacts in General Except Key and Jack Contacts
B522.2151933-07-201308.39 KBInstallation of No. 505-B, No. 505-C, No. 506-A, and No. 506-B P.B.X.'s
B522.2251951-10-011254.26 KBInstallation of No. 507-A and No. 507-B P.B.X.'s
B522.2251960-01-013685.46 KBInstallation - 507A and 507B PBX
B522.2311951-10-011118.95 KBTests and Inspections at Time of Installation - No. 507-A and No. 507-B P.B.X.'s
B522.2511938-01-032244.69 KBModification for Anti-Sidetone Connections - 505 and 506 Type P.B.X.'s
B523.6011960-04-011660.60 KBInstallation - (Manual Auxiliary for 756A PBX) - 556A PBX
B523.6021960-04-011190.58 KBTests and Inspections At Time of Installation - (Manual Auxiliary for 756A PBX) - 556A PBX
B556.2011960-04-0122.74 MBInstallation - 756A PBX
B599.001NY1938-04-20A137.10 KBSubstitution of Various Glass Jar Type atteries for the KXCS Type Rubber Jar Batteries
B599.081NY1925-05-01245.53 KBPrivate Branch Exchanges - #63 Induction Coil Telephone Set
B699.034NY1945-08-10B110.09 KBP.B.X. Operators' Chairs
B699.035NY1940-07-15A60.86 KBDial Mountings - 6000G and 6000J
B699.162NY1939-10-25A37.13 KBNo. 10 Key Turret
B702.0021927-06-301402.54 KBNo. 35-C Test Set
B823.1051952-04-2211.42 MBGeneral Description of the No. 555 P.B.X.
B899.181NY1933-10-02A845.15 KBNo. 10 Key Turret - Description
B899.181NY A1934-04-10A797.82 KBNo. 10 Key Turret - Description
B899.182NY1938-01-25A347.25 KBNo. 80-B and No. 200-B Order Turrets - Description
B899.321NY1937-01-15A200.63 KBNotes on 551 Type P.B.X. Switchboards