Division 770: Building Operation

Section Date Issue Size Title
770-000-0001972-06-0138132.37 KBNumerical Index - Division 770 - Building Operation
770-000-0001972-07-0139132.03 KBNumerical Index - Division 770 - Building Operation
770-000-0001982-07-0158106.82 KBNumerical Index - Division 770 - Building Operation
770-000-000PT X11982-05-01G54.23 KBPacific Tel. - Numerical Index - Division 770 - Building Operation
770-001-0111972-01-01348.00 KBToll Type Equipment - Equipment Test List - Building Operation
770-120-0001977-08-011168.46 KBBuilding Service - Definition and Scope
770-120-0201977-08-011218.57 KBTable of Building Cleaning Procedures and Materials
770-120-0301977-08-011180.25 KBBuilding Service Supplies - Requirements and Storing
770-120-0401977-08-011273.60 KBBuilding Service - Safety
770-120-3001971-09-017181.35 KBTable of Building Cleaning Procedures and Materials
770-120-901SW1981-11-01C881.34 KBHouse Service and Building Maintenance - Cost Results Plan
770-120-902SW1985-10-01A874.33 KBEasement Acquisition and Release
770-120-903SW1983-09-01A747.46 KBHouse Service Inspection and Quality Measurement
770-120-904SW1984-06-01A55.86 KBBuilding Service - Supplies
770-120-905SW1982-09-01B275.28 KBTransmission Power (kWh) Usage - Estimating Monthly Electric Bills in Equipment Buildings
770-120-906SW1993-08-01F412.70 KBReporting Floor Space Measurements
770-120-907SW XA1963-09-01A23.43 KBBuilding Register
770-120-908SW1963-09-01F258.42 KBIdentification Card and Building Pass
770-120-909SW1978-01-01A323.25 KBBuilding Service - Requisition
770-120-912SW1990-05-01B409.09 KBLeasing Real Estate of and to Others
770-130-0201977-08-01118.79 KBMaintenance of Carpeting
770-130-0551977-08-011410.55 KBFloor Mopping and Scrubbing
770-130-0851977-08-011101.84 KBFloor Guard Stripping - Use and Installation
770-130-1001978-05-012490.96 KBMeasurement of Slip Resistance of Resilient Floors - Principles and Evaluation
770-130-1501977-08-011417.37 KBConcrete Floors - Maintenance
770-130-2001977-08-011445.13 KBRestroom Maintenance
770-130-2501977-08-011272.24 KBMaintenance of Office Furniture
770-130-2601977-08-011153.94 KBMaintenance of Interior and Exterior Metals
770-130-3011952-08-012434.33 KBSweeping, General
770-130-901SW1983-04-01A117.24 KBTrash Disposal
770-130-902SW1984-06-01A140.11 KBRestroom Maintenance
770-140-0101977-08-011177.64 KBFloor Maintenance in ESS Areas
770-140-0601977-08-011289.53 KBBuilding Service Operations in Electronic Data Processing Centers
770-140-1301977-08-011154.28 KBCleaning Water Bottles (Carafes) - Vacuum Type
770-140-900SW1986-01-01A373.07 KBBuilding Service Operations in Electronic Data Processing Centers
770-150-3051971-08-014368.78 KBFloor Waxing
770-160-3011971-09-015254.58 KBWall Washing, Painted
770-170-3071971-09-012193.97 KBCare of Washrooms
770-170-3201970-01-013881.69 KBInsect Extermination
770-200-900SW1983-06-01A623.55 KBBuilding Maintenance Inspection and Quality Measurement
770-200-901SW1983-11-01A1.02 MBBuilding Equipment Maintenance Inspection and Quality Measurement
770-200-902SW1985-01-01A2.42 MBBuilding Mechanical Equipment - Inventory, Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Procedures
770-200-903SW1984-03-01A1.10 MBBuilding Energy Conservation Inspection and Quality Measurement
770-200-904SW1984-11-01A37.27 KBSafety Inspection of Elevators
770-210-3001970-08-0123.89 MBLow Pressure Heating Boilers - Basic Fundamentals and Bell System Standards
770-210-3051980-09-0111.40 MBFuel Oil Combustion Process, Analysis and Testing of Oil Fired and Natural Gas Burners
770-210-3061981-03-011456.60 KBBuilding Heating Fuel Storage - Operating Methods
770-215-3011966-04-011267.78 KBCompressed Air Storage Tanks and Associated Equipment, Testing and Maintenance Procedures
770-220-301SW A1983-03-01A23.14 KBKS-7406 Air Filters
770-220-900SW1981-08-01A509.07 KBAir Filters
770-220-901SW1984-03-01B230.07 KBReporting Facility Damage and Abnormal Conditions for Centralized Services
770-225-3011971-12-0112.42 MBKS-20267 Blast Valve Control Unit - Operating Methods
770-225-3101972-02-0112.00 MBBlast Valve KS-19992 and KS-20134 - Operation and Maintenance
770-230-900SW1984-06-01A100.42 KBFundamental Principles of Water Conditioning
770-230-901SW1984-08-01A41.53 KBWater Treatment - Application
770-240-3011980-03-012853.03 KBEvaporative Condensers
770-240-3021980-03-012638.10 KBCooling Towers
770-240-3031981-02-011292.20 KBHeating / Cooling Coils
770-250-3011963-02-0122.48 MBReciprocating Refrigeration Compressors for Air Conditioning Systems
770-250-3021965-05-0112.21 MBMaintenance and Operation of Centrifugal Refrigeration for Air Conditioning Systems
770-250-3031980-07-0112.67 MBAbsorption Refrigeration Systems
770-260-3021980-11-011144.38 KBTarpaulins for Protection of Telephone Equipment From Water Damage
770-270-3011953-03-0111.72 MBCare of Lawns and Shrubbery
770-270-900SW1990-08-01D350.00 KBParking Space Rentals on Company Property
770-280-5031971-08-0131.62 MBMaintenance of Antenna Supporting Structures
770-280-503SW X11965-07-01A1.05 MBUpright Scaffolds Portable Towers - Erection and Maintenance
770-280-503SW X21965-07-01A271.42 KBUpright Scaffolds Portable Towers - Locations & Guying Information
770-280-6031982-08-011998.52 KBBuilding Electrical System - Maintenance - Thermography
770-300-200SW A1990-08-01A37.87 KBFiresafety - Firesafety Plan
770-300-300SW A1980-06-01A89.78 KBFiresafety - Reporting Fires in Buildings and Motor Vehicles
770-300-900SW1984-04-01A437.52 KBFiresafety - Reporting Fires in Buildings and Motor Vehicles
770-310-200SW1991-11-01A158.93 KBFire Safety - Fire Safety Inspection Report
770-310-400SW A1982-10-01A41.69 KBFire Safety - Inspection and Testing for Gas Leaks
770-310-901SW1983-12-01A629.25 KBFiresafety - Building Firesafety Inspection and Quality Measurement
770-310-902SW1984-04-01A53.32 KBFiresafety - Fire Protection Consultants Inspections
770-320-1001980-11-012260.07 KBFiresafety - Occupant Responsibilities
770-320-1101979-12-011285.69 KBFiresafety - Storage and Handling of Combustible and Flammable Liquids
770-320-1501971-06-0110378.58 KBDistribution of Fire Protective Apparatus
770-320-900SW1983-05-01A49.50 KBFiresafety - Occupant Responsibilities
770-330-1001980-11-012526.99 KBFiresafety - Description of Portable Fire Extinguishers
770-330-1521970-12-017383.91 KBCarbon Dioxide Type Fire Extinguishers
770-330-1531971-01-011274.00 KBDry Chemical Type Fire Extinguishers
770-330-2001989-08-013267.22 KBFiresafety - Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Local, Auxiliary, Remote Station, and Proprietary Signaling Systems
770-330-200SW A1983-04-01A41.19 KBFire Safety - Maintenance of Fire Detection Systems
770-330-3001980-11-012121.79 KBFire Safety - Inspection and Maintenance of Water Suppression Systems
770-330-900SW1981-06-01A514.43 KBBuilding Operations - Distribution of Portable Fire Protection Apparatus
770-330-901SW1986-10-01A64.49 KBFiresafety - Inspection and Maintenance of Water Suppression Systems
770-330-902SW1986-10-01A464.69 KBFiresafety - Maintenance of Fire Detection Systems
770-330-903SW1986-10-01A44.82 KBMaintenance of High Voltage Detectors
770-340-200SW1989-08-01A2.19 MBFiresafety - Firefighter Orientations
770-340-5001974-05-011601.62 KBFire Safety Plan for Buildings
770-340-5031971-07-016622.19 KBFire Protection Apparatus - Routine Inspection and Maintenance
770-340-503PT X11978-03-01D167.06 KBFire Protection Apparatus - Routine Inspection and Maintenance - California and Nevada
770-340-5071970-12-012141.48 KBFire Prevention and Protection - Self-Inspection Report
770-340-900SW1988-06-01A888.19 KBFiresafety - Impairments to Fire Protection Systems
770-340-900SW X11988-06-01A34.08 KBFire Protection Equipment Out of Service Tag
770-340-900SW X21988-06-01A39.73 KBState Modification of Fire Protection Declared Out of Service
770-350-1001993-05-01182.37 KBFire Stopping of Penetrations
770-350-1001999-09-182374.61 KBFirestopping of Penetrations
770-500-0012006-02-071132.16 KBCalifornia Hazardous Material Spill / Release Emergency Response and Reporting Procedure
770-500-0022006-03-031129.56 KBEnvironmental: Hazardous Material Spill / Release Emergency Response and Reporting Procedure (States Other Than California)