Division 760: Building Engineering

Section Date Issue Size Title
760-000-0001972-09-0137211.37 KBNumerical Index - Division 760 - Building Engineering
760-000-0051963-05-011592.38 KBAlphabetical Index Divisions 760-770 - Building Engineering - Building Operation
760-100-0011978-08-011466.36 KBNew Equipment - Building System (NEBS) - Building Engineering Standards (BES) - Building and Equipment Layout - General Considerations
760-100-0051995-08-011166.55 KBBuilding Designer's Guide to the Americans with Disabilties Act (ADA)
760-100-0061995-09-0111.24 MBBuilding Designer's Guide for the Americans with Disabilties Act, Drawings and Specifications
760-100-0101983-09-012515.94 KBBuilding and Equipment Space Planning
760-100-0151979-06-011611.33 KBNew Equipment - Building System (NEBS) - Space Planning
760-100-0161983-05-011778.04 KBNetwork Equipment Building System (NEBS) In New Buildings
760-100-0171983-05-011261.77 KBNetwork Equipment Building System (NEBS) In Existing Buildings
760-100-0201977-08-0111.10 MBSelection of Building Sites for Central Offices
760-100-0211977-06-011114.60 KBLand Survey Information
760-100-0301978-06-011949.89 KBNew Equipment - Building System (NEBS) In New Buildings
760-100-0321977-08-0111.22 MBNew Equipment Building System (NEBS) in Existing Buildings
760-150-900SW1982-06-01B48.90 KBAcceptance Procedures for New Buildings, Additions to Buildings and/or Major Building Alterations
760-200-0101983-06-011160.25 KBBuilding Areas - Methods of Measurement
760-200-0151977-11-011118.27 KBNew Equipment - Building System (NEBS) - Building Engineering Standards - Building Design
760-200-0201979-06-011666.43 KBDesign Loads for Telephone Buildings - General
760-200-0211977-08-011238.35 KBFloor Design Load
760-200-0231977-08-0111.76 MBEarthquake Design Loads
760-200-0241977-08-011409.19 KBNuclear Design Loads
760-200-0241997-05-0121.28 MBEarthquake Resistant Design Guidelines for New Buildings
760-200-0251997-05-0111.37 MBEnhancement of Earthquake Safety in Existing Facilities
760-200-0261998-10-15469.40 KBSeismic Zone Classification for NCS Equipment Locations (Lower 48 States)
760-200-0301982-08-0122.28 MBCable Entrance Facility (CEF) - Building Planning and Provision
760-200-0311978-02-011750.86 KBCEF Conduit Entrances, Holes, and Risers
760-200-0321978-05-012955.79 KBCable Openings - Design Standards
760-200-0401977-09-0111.98 MBFloor and Ceiling Anchors
760-200-0411977-10-011175.60 KBEquipment Support
760-200-0501999-10-013.0401.04 KBNetwork Mechanical Standards
760-200-1001977-10-011521.88 KBStructural Floors
760-200-1101982-12-014363.24 KBRaised Floor Systems - Design Criteria
760-200-1101994-10-01575.43 KBRaised Floor Design Standards for NSD Equipment Locations
760-200-1102001-07-19671.64 KBRaised Floor Design Standards for ANS Equipment Locations
760-200-1201993-08-011289.02 KBSeismic Access Floor Requirements for alL Network Equipment Installations
760-200-120 X11994-09-012907.88 KBAT&T Procurement Requirements for Raised Seismic Access Floor (SAF) System
760-200-1501944-10-01154.07 KBColumn Designation
760-200-1521977-09-012144.44 KBColumn Spacing in Equipment Rooms - New Equipment-Building System (NEBS)
760-210-1501979-05-014429.87 KBCeiling Heights for Equipment Buildings
760-220-1001978-01-0121.06 MBRFI Shielding
760-220-1101978-03-012311.33 KBEMP Shielding
760-220-1201977-12-011356.78 KBLightning and Surge Protection
760-220-1501953-12-011649.67 KBBuilding Planning - General Considerations
760-220-1511953-08-012535.64 KBChecking Routine - Building Project Planning and Design
760-220-151 A1966-01-01137.71 KBChecking Routine - Building Project Planning and Design
760-220-1611982-12-012642.02 KBHydrant-Type Vehicle Fueling System for Garages and Service Operations Centers - Equipment Design Requirements
760-220-1621982-12-011287.08 KBIsland-Type Vehicle Fueling System for Garages and Service Operations Centers - Equipment Design Requirements
760-220-1631983-04-011529.75 KBUnderground Storage Tanks for Flammable Liquid Fuels - Design Requirements
760-220-1641996-11-0128.53 MBStorage Systems - Combustible Liquid Fuels - Design, Installation and Maintenance
760-230-1001977-09-011979.02 KBEquipment Cooling
760-230-1011982-12-012892.49 KBEquipment Room Air Distribution - Design Criteria
760-230-1101978-01-0121.51 MBAir Filtration
760-230-1201978-03-012550.21 KBChilled-Water Distribution
760-230-1301977-10-011941.84 KBLighting in Equipment Buildings
760-230-1301999-10-014.082.50 KBLighting for Network Equipment Buildings
760-230-1401977-09-011499.87 KBAlarm Systems
760-230-1501977-11-011868.77 KBNoise Control
760-240-1501982-12-013115.19 KBService Sink Rooms - General
760-240-1511983-02-015374.39 KBToilet Rooms - General
760-240-1521982-01-014337.50 KBDesign Criteria - Toilet Rooms - Fixture Spacings - Building Engineering
760-240-1531973-10-015185.85 KBNumber of Fixtures Required in Toilet Rooms
760-240-901SW1982-11-01A2.25 MBAC Emergency Power - Building Engineering - Standby AC Plants
760-245-1501975-01-0114.06 MBVertical Transportation Engineering Guide
760-250-1501983-05-0141.17 MBElectronic Data Processing Center - Building Design Criteria
760-260-1001983-02-0112.18 MBBuilding Energy Management and Redesign Retrofit (BEMARR) - Building Survey Guidelines
760-280-1001983-02-011414.65 KBNorthern Telecom "DMS"-10 Digital Switching System - Mechanical and Electrical System Design Recommendations
760-400-1001983-05-012354.03 KBBuilding Electrical Systems - Planning
760-400-1011996-10-012526.41 KBAC Power Distribution - System Design, Installation and Acceptance Criteria
760-400-1021997-05-011450.17 KBStandby AC Plant - Design, Installation and Acceptance Criteria
760-400-1051983-01-011375.01 KBBuilding Energy Management and Redesign Retrofit (BEMARR) - General Considerations for Electrical Systems
760-400-1101983-05-011538.57 KBBuilding Electrical System - Voltage
760-400-1801982-01-01132.06 KBPower Systems - Engineering and Operations Review - Building Engineering Checklist
760-400-2001983-04-011348.23 KBBuilding Electrical Systems - Electrical Load Analysis for Telecommunications Buildings
760-400-2151983-04-011396.42 KBBuilding Electrical Systems - Switching Arrangements for Standby Power
760-400-2201983-03-011543.14 KBBuilding Electrical Systems - Service Entrance and Electric Service Switchboards
760-400-2211983-12-011164.04 KBBuilding Electrical Systems - Electric Service Switchboard for 1/1A, 2B, and 5 "ESS" Switching Equipment Buildings
760-400-2301983-11-011155.06 KBBuilding Electrical Systems for Data-Processing Buildings
760-400-3001983-08-011875.87 KBBuilding Electrical Systems - Equipment and Devices - Selection and Application
760-400-3101983-08-011640.62 KBBuilding Electrical Systems - Transformers - Selection and Application
760-400-4001983-09-011388.29 KBBuilding Electrical Systems - Interior Lighting
760-400-4101983-09-011162.45 KBBuilding Electrical Systems - Outdoor Lighting
760-400-4151983-01-011367.77 KBBuilding Energy Management and Redesign Retrofit (BEMARR) - Energy Efficient Lighting
760-400-5001983-10-011179.17 KBBuilding Electrical Systems - Ground Fault Protection
760-400-5101983-09-011711.29 KBBuilding Electrical Systems - Grounding
760-400-6051983-01-011155.44 KBBuilding Energy Management and Redesign Retrofit (BEMARR) - Electric Motors
760-520-1501966-08-013177.54 KBSoap Dispensing Systems
760-520-1501966-08-013RP220.86 KBSoap Dispensing Systems
760-520-1511966-04-013278.43 KBPlumbing Fixtures in Toilet Rooms and House Service Closets
760-530-1001983-04-0112.22 MBHeating Plants - General Description and Fundamentals
760-530-1011983-04-011381.66 KBHeating Plant - Glossary
760-530-1021983-04-011157.16 KBSteam Boilers - General Description
760-530-1041983-04-011195.95 KBHot Water Boilers - General Description
760-530-1051983-04-011134.37 KBDomestic Hot Water Heaters - General Description
760-530-1061983-04-011100.32 KBWarm Air Furnaces - General Description
760-530-1081983-05-011885.52 KBHeating Plant Controls - Description and Installation
760-530-1101983-07-0111.24 MBFlame Safeguard Controls - Description - Fuel-Burning Heating Plants
760-530-1121983-05-011531.54 KBHeating Plant Relief Devices - Description
760-530-1141983-05-011481.55 KBCombustion Principles and Fuel Storage - Description
760-530-1161983-05-011669.15 KBHeating Plants - Acceptance Testing
760-530-1181983-06-011181.25 KBHeating Plant Electrical Design - Description
760-530-1501963-02-012267.20 KBRelief Valves for Hot Water Storage Tanks
760-540-1501966-09-013472.15 KBSafety Valves for Steam Heating Boilers
760-540-1511966-11-013542.66 KBSafety Relief Valves for Hot Water Heating Boilers
760-540-1521952-01-011144.19 KBRelief Valves for Hot Water Supply Boilers
760-550-102SW1991-09-01A626.50 KBVentilation for Battery Area - Requirements
760-550-2041983-01-0121.83 MBDefinition of Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Terms
760-550-2051983-01-011174.49 KBBuilding Energy Management and Redesign Retrofit (BEMARR) - Converting High-Velocity, Constant-Volume, Dual-Duct System into Low-Velocity, Variable Air Volume System
760-550-2081983-09-0121.48 MBEngineering Guide for Ventilating and Air-Conditioning - Design Parameters and General Planning Information
760-550-2081998-07-014712.69 KBEngineering Guide for Ventilating and Air-Conditioning - Design Parameters and General Planning Information
760-550-2101983-08-0111.12 MBBuilding Energy Management and Redesign Retrofit (BEMARR) - Air and Water Economy Cycles
760-550-2121983-09-0121.37 MBEngineering Guide for Ventilating and Air Conditioning - Refrigeration Systems
760-550-2131983-05-011529.32 KBBuilding Energy Management and Redesign Retrofit (BEMARR) - Chiller Systems
760-550-2141982-12-011338.14 KBBuilding Energy Management and Redesign Retrofit (BEMARR) - Internal Heat Source Heat Pump
760-550-2181983-01-011509.16 KBKS-21344 Air Diffuser Performance Data and Application Guidelines
760-550-2321983-04-0111.15 MBNo. 2/2B Electronic Switching System Telephone Equipment Buildings - Mechanical System Design Guide
760-550-2331983-05-011515.09 KBConventional Equipment Cooling Systems Serving No. 4 Electronic Switching Systems
760-550-2601971-08-01177.27 KBEngineering Guide for Ventilation and Air Conditioning - Standard Detail Drawings
760-550-2771971-08-01173.89 KBSD-33 - Steam Turbine and Condenser / SD-34 - Symbols for Valves and Fittings
760-550-2781971-08-01145.07 KBSD-35 - Unit Heater Connections - Hot Water / SD-36 - Unit Heater Connections - Steam
760-550-2791971-08-01149.56 KBSD-37 - Water Chiller Connections / SD-38 - Water to Water Heat Exchanger
760-550-901SW1984-05-01A532.57 KBEngineering Guide for Environmental Controls
760-550-902SW1984-06-01A633.40 KBBuilding Environmental Control Systems Operation
760-550-903MP1998-06-01A444.81 KBSBC Local Exchange Carrier Standard Specification for Engine Alternator Sets
760-555-1501969-12-012665.75 KBAtmospheric Environment for Telephone Equipment Space - General Considerations and Heat Release Data
760-555-1511983-03-014182.07 KBAtmospheric Environment for Telephone Equipment Space
760-560-1501967-10-012232.56 KBGuarding Moving Parts of Machines
760-570-1001983-01-011452.51 KBBuilding Energy Management and Redesign Retrofit (BEMARR) - Heating
760-570-4001983-03-0111012.01 KBBuilding Energy Management and Redesign Retrofit (BEMARR) - Pumps and Pumping Systems
760-570-5001983-08-011994.29 KBBuilding Energy Management and Redesign Retrofit (BEMARR) - Heat Recovery
760-600-1101979-12-011118.94 KBFiresafety - Glossary
760-600-210AC1985-05-011128.51 KBFiresafety - Application Criteria for Telephone Equipment Buildings
760-600-210SW1991-11-01A594.46 KBFiresafety - Application Criteria for Telephone Equipment Buildings
760-600-220SW1991-11-01A236.76 KBFiresafety - Application Criteria for Administrative Buildings
760-600-230SW1991-11-01A383.26 KBFiresafety - Application Criteria for Electronic Data Processing Buildings
760-600-240SW1991-11-01A249.54 KBFiresafety - Application Criteria for Garages and Other Work Centers
760-600-250SW1991-11-01A288.90 KBFiresafety - Application Criteria for Training Facilities and Residential Type Buildings
760-600-300SW1991-11-01A185.54 KBFiresafety - Application Guide for Leased Facilities
760-600-900SW1991-11-01B258.39 KBFiresafety - Application Criteria for Storage, Ware-House and Distribution Facilities
760-600-901SW1985-12-01A364.91 KBFire Safety - Fire Protection Consultants Inspections
760-610-3051988-12-011129.79 KBFire Safety - Interior Finishes, Furnishings, and Decorations
760-610-5001979-12-011115.72 KBFiresafety - M&M Protection Consultants - Consulting and Inspection Service
760-610-9251988-10-011100.14 KBFire Safety - Standby Engines
760-620-2001979-12-011191.79 KBFiresafety - Considerations During Central Office Equipment Installation and Removal
760-620-900SW1989-12-01B897.07 KBFiresafety - Fire Protection During Contracted Work Operations
760-630-1051992-01-01163.64 KBGeneral Requirements for Fire Alarms Systems
760-630-300SW1991-12-01A862.09 KBFiresafety - Egress / Access Requirements
760-630-300SW X11991-12-01A387.08 KBFiresafety - Firefighters' Service for Automatic Elevators
760-630-3051993-11-012230.79 KBSmoke Detection
760-630-400SW1991-12-01A859.86 KBFiresafety - Compartmentation
760-630-4011994-08-011364.71 KBAT&T Fire Rated Partitions for Power Rooms in Network Equipment Buildings
760-630-401 X11994-08-011434.50 KBAT&T Procurement Requirements for Power Room Fire-Rated Partition Systems
760-630-4101980-11-012584.64 KBFiresafety - General Firestopping Considerations for Floor and Wall Penetrations and Protection of Cable Runs
760-630-410 X11980-11-01288.68 KBMaterials List
760-640-1001980-11-01269.43 KBFiresafety - Considerations for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems
760-640-1101980-11-012185.62 KBFiresafety - Considerations for Smoke Control
760-640-300SW1991-11-01A435.82 KBFiresafety - General Considerations for Suppression Systems
760-640-310SW1991-11-01A1.02 MBFiresafety - Standpipe and Hose Systems
760-640-3201980-11-012196.46 KBFiresafety - Considerations for Pumps for Fire Service
760-640-4001981-01-011326.41 KBFiresafety - Design Considerations for Halon 1301 Total Flooding Systems
760-640-400 X11981-01-011218.05 KBGuidelines for Final Acceptance Inspection and Testing of Halon 1301 Total Flooding Systems
760-700-0201977-10-011370.54 KBEquipment Building (KS-21135)
760-800-901SW1982-07-01A3.70 MBBuilding, Land and Furniture - Specific Estimate, Routine Order, Keep Cost Order and Custom Work Order Preparation
760-850-0011977-07-0111.02 MBEMP Shielding Test Procedures
760-850-0101977-11-011895.10 KBRadio Frequency Interference (RFI) Shielding Test Procedure
760-925-1101983-05-0131.20 MBEIA Structural Standards for Steel Towers Supporting Antennas (RS-222-C)
760-925-1301976-11-012630.81 KBTower Foundations and Anchors - General
760-925-1351976-11-011405.78 KBGrounding Microwave Towers
760-925-2001966-10-012502.31 KBDescription of B Guyed Tower
760-925-2101964-03-0121.07 MBB Guyed Towers - Foundations and Anchors
760-925-2201964-07-0121.08 MBB Guyed Towers - Erection
760-925-2301962-09-011889.46 KBObstruction Lighting, Antenna Heater Supply Circuits, and Provision of Local Talking Circuit for System Standard Guyed and Self-Supporting Towers
760-925-2501958-08-011391.11 KBDescription of B Self Supporting Tower
760-925-2601969-01-013563.44 KBB Self-Supporting Towers - Foundations
760-925-2701964-05-012916.28 KBB Self-Supporting Towers - Erection
760-925-3101967-03-011521.43 KBDescription of E Guyed Tower
760-925-3301967-08-0111.16 MBE Guyed Towers - Erection
760-925-3601967-10-011736.01 KBE Self-Supporting Towers - Erection
760-925-4501963-12-011578.94 KBC Self-Supporting Towers - Description
760-925-4701963-12-011446.14 KBC Self-Supporting Towers - Erection
760-925-5801972-08-011615.55 KBAT-8511 Guyed Towers - Erection
760-927-1001976-10-011699.69 KBAT-8676 Self-Supporting Tower - Description
760-927-2011976-11-011355.29 KBAT-8676 Self-Supporting Towers - Foundations
760-927-2021976-11-011736.75 KBAT-8676 Self-Supporting Towers - Erection