Division 749: Plug-In Inventory Control

Section Date Issue Size Title
749-000-900SW1989-06-01A569.56 KBPlug-In Inventory Control Procedures for Handling Warehouse Backorders
749-000-901SW1992-01-01B1.13 MBPlug-In Central Stock - Emergency Request Procedures
749-000-902SW1990-08-01A1.08 MBProcedures for Managing the Modification of Affected PICS Plug-In Units
749-000-903SW1993-01-01A1.78 MBField Returns Procedures for Network Channel Terminating Equipment (NCTE)
749-000-904SW1991-01-01A6.22 MBPICS/DCPR Procurement Logistics - Plug-In Inventory Management Procedures
749-000-905SW1991-06-01B2.27 MBPICS/DCPR Procurement - Plug-In Logistics - Budget Tracking, Journalization and Reconciliation
749-000-908SW1991-06-01A2.44 MBProcurement PICS/DCPR Plug-In Repair Procedures
749-000-910SW1990-09-01A525.73 KBPackaging Requirements for Shipping Plug-Ins to a Repair Vendor