Division 748: Stocking Procedures

Section Date Issue Size Title
748-100-900SW1990-03-01A2.15 MBAdding or De-Stocking Items at the Materials Distribution Center (MDC)
748-100-901SW1991-03-01A1.65 MBSell / Order Unit Conversion (SOUCN)
748-100-902SW1991-06-01A1.11 MBT Allocation Hold Procedure
748-100-903SW1991-06-01A2.42 MBCycle Counting Telephone Company Storeroom (TCS)
748-100-904SW1991-08-01A758.07 KBY-Control - Order Unit Control
748-100-905SW1993-06-01A3.60 MBReturn for Repair - MDC Stock Items
748-100-907SW1994-03-01A73.16 KBAffiliate Transactions
748-100-909SW1996-10-01A4.03 MBProcessing and Testing Rubber Gloves and Blankets
748-101-900SW1987-12-01A428.17 KBTelephone Company Storeroom Procedures for Processing New / Reusable Non-Stock Returns