Division 747: Shipping Logistics

Section Date Issue Size Title
747-000-900SW1990-12-01A542.64 KBTransportation Freight Classification
747-001-906SW1989-01-01A2.52 MBShipping and Receiving Guidelines
747-100-900SW1994-06-01D1.92 MBResale Outlet Sales and Operating Guidelines
747-100-901SW1991-11-01C2.60 MBSales of Company Property Outside of Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
747-100-902SW1993-12-01C688.51 KBPlug-In Equipment Disposition Procedures
747-100-903SW1991-03-01A788.41 KBProcedures for Re-Applying Non-Stock OCS Data Equipment
747-100-904SW1993-01-01A677.63 KBProcedures for Re-Applying Non-Stock Coin Equipment
747-100-906SW1989-07-01A573.71 KBVerification / Shipping Guidelines for SWBT's Retail Outlet
747-111-913SW1992-06-01A3.09 MBProcurement Logistics - Scrap Handling Procedures - MARC Center
747-111-917SW1992-06-01B3.23 MBLogistics Accounting and Administration for Disposition of Company Material
747-200-902SW1999-10-01B54.03 KBCentral Office Wet-Cell Batteries - Removal and Disposition
747-200-903SW1991-03-01A981.10 KBAir Contaminants and Noise-Level Monitoring - Material Reprocessing and Consolidation (MARC) Centers
747-200-905SW1997-04-01A163.71 KBHazardous Material (Hazmat) Packaging and Shipping Guide for Transportation by Public Highway Only