Division 745: Material Returns

Section Date Issue Size Title
745-000-000PT X11982-09-01R53.07 KBPacific Tel. - Numerical Index - Division 745 - Material Returns
745-000-000SW1975-12-01I41.28 KBNumerical Index - Division 745 - Material Returns
745-003-003BA1984-09-01A186.41 KBMaterials Management Procedure for Scrap Return
745-004-000PT1982-09-01D1.12 MBService and Return Plan Including Red Ball
745-010-901SW1986-10-01E770.36 KBDisposition of Scrap Material - Logistics Services
745-010-902SW1985-12-01A3.56 MBHazardous Material / Waste MARC Centers
745-011-901SW1989-01-01F596.69 KBReturning Non-Stocked Material - Returned Material Notice (RMN) FA Form SW-6381
745-011-902SW1989-01-01E354.20 KBReturning Stock Material (MDC Sourced Only)
745-011-903SW1986-07-01A69.25 KBCable Reel Return and Mechanized Tracking Procedures
745-020-906SW1985-03-01A2.15 MBMaterials Management Hardwired Reuse Functions for Network Engineering Material