Division 741: Products, Supplies, Systems and Services Supporting Functions

Section Date Issue Size Title
741-000-000SW1973-01-01J107.49 KBNumerical Index - Division 741 - Supplies - Supporting Functions
741-001-0011962-01-0131.83 MBPlan for Preparing Quarterly Estimates of the Requirements of Materials and Supplies
741-001-903SW1988-07-01G621.31 KBDisposition of Obsolete and Worn Out Major Items of Supplies, General Equipment, Tools and Test Sets
741-001-905SW1988-07-01I1023.73 KBTransferring Supplies and General Equipment
741-001-911SW1991-06-01A4.94 MBMedia Distribution
741-003-0011962-01-012495.14 KBCatalogue of Supplies