Division 720: Motor Vehicles and Construction Equipment

Section Date Issue Size Title
720-000-0001972-11-011346.05 KBNumerical Index - Division 720 - Motor Vehicle and Construction Apparatus
720-000-000SW A1973-10-01F530.69 KBNumerical Index - Division 720 - Motor Vehicle and Construction Apparatus
720-000-900SW1992-09-01A333.86 KBVehicle / Auxiliary Equipment Engineering Complaints
720-020-0121943-10-012998.25 KBStorage of Motor Vehicles and Construction Apparatus
720-020-016SW1972-07-01C1.61 MBMotor Vehicle Service Routine
720-030-900SW1991-12-01C433.88 KBMotor Pool Administration
720-030-902SW1991-10-01C44.40 KBCompany Owned Passenger Vehicles
720-050-0101981-09-012170.37 KBStandard Motor Vehicle Numbering Plan
720-050-900SW1990-03-01A45.96 KBCertification for Heavy Equipment Operation - Form SW-6740
720-050-910SW1990-12-01B72.10 KBMotor Vehicle and Work Equipment Numbering
720-060-910SW1991-07-01B314.36 KBMotor Vehicle Bulk Gasoline Administration
720-090-0121969-04-014520.08 KBPublications of Automotive Manufacturers
720-090-901SW1972-01-01E1.65 MBMotor Vehicle and General Work Equipment - Paint Finishes and Markings
720-090-901SW1994-08-01F36.09 KBMotor Vehicle and General Work Equipment - Paint Finishes and Markings
720-100-0101962-06-013840.60 KBMotor Vehicle Tire Chains - Prevention of Skidding
720-100-900SW1973-10-01A71.65 KBGround Fault Interrupter
720-100-900SW1985-01-01B29.42 KBGround Fault Interrupter
720-100-901CA1971-07-01K893.87 KBVehicle Operators Driving Instructions and Precautions - Specific Cases Requiring Special Care - Parking Instructions - Skidding
720-205-0121962-06-013624.80 KBAnti-Freeze Solution
720-210-3001953-06-012400.61 KBEngine Cooling Systems - Rust Prevention
720-210-3101969-09-0121001.54 KBMaintenance of Automotive Engine Cooling Systems
720-215-0121952-01-011299.76 KBMotor Vehicle Fuel and Fuel Economy Gasoline
720-220-3001962-06-012573.20 KBMotor Vehicle Lubricants and Lubrication
720-305-3001969-07-0131.41 MBPneumatic Tires and Tubes
720-305-3101970-04-011585.58 KBWheels and Rims - Description and Maintenance
720-310-3001952-02-011226.17 KBTru-Stop Brake - Operation and Maintenance
720-315-6001952-05-011559.22 KBElectric Brake Controls - Inspection and Tests
720-320-3001959-10-011237.98 KBMico Lever Lock - Maintenance
720-330-3001966-07-0111.28 MBHydraulic Lift Gates
720-340-1001969-09-011937.17 KBAutomotive Batteries - Care and Maintenance
720-410-3001962-06-0121.73 MBPower Winches - Maintenance
720-410-3101972-09-0111.38 MBAT-8467 Winches - Maintenance
720-500-1001975-03-0111.43 MBMotor Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Plans - General Guidelines
720-500-902SW1992-05-01A45.72 KBMotor Vehicle Tire Policy
720-610-1001979-06-012379.89 KBMotor Vehicle Information Management System (MOVIMS) - General Description
720-610-1011979-08-0122.50 MBMotor Vehicle Information Management System (MOVIMS) - Input Fields and Procedures
720-610-1021979-09-0112.35 MBMotor Vehicle Information Management System (MOVIMS) - Standard Outputs