Division 667: Switched Maintenance Access and Servicing Systems

Section Date Issue Size Title
667-000-0001984-02-0146104.36 KBNumerical Index - Division 667 - Switched Maintenance Access Systems (SMAS)
667-000-0011979-10-0122.71 MBSwitched Maintenance Access System (SMAS) - Access Point Information
667-000-0011982-12-0136.41 MBAccess Point Information - Switched Maintenance Access System (SMAS)
667-000-0021978-01-0112.85 MBSwitched Maintenance Access System (SMAS) - Maintenance Connectors - General Information
667-303-1112I304.24 KBSwitched Maintenance Access System 5A/5B (SMAS 5A/5B) - Jack, Key, and Lamp Access Panel - Description and Operation
667-303-1121982-06-011521.31 KBDigital Test Access Connector (DTAC) - Description and Operation - Switched Maintenance Access System 5A/5B (SMAS 5A/5B)