Division 644: Upkeep

Section Date Issue Size Title
644-104-0901980-02-0111.11 MBFault Locating - Outside Plant
644-104-1001975-10-011103.66 KBToning in a Noisy Environment
644-104-1011975-10-011135.80 KBBuried PIC Cable - Prerehabilitation Testing
644-200-0051980-08-0134.87 MBE Sheath Repair Sleeving (AT-8743) - Description and Installation
644-200-0301981-01-013655.60 KBRestoring Wet PIC Cable Using Air Drying
644-200-0311982-09-012744.11 KBSheath Defects and Minor Core Damage - Repairing - Lead and Plastic Sheathed Cable
644-200-0321979-08-01322.44 MBReconstruction of Buried Distribution Plant
644-200-0331981-12-0122.97 MBC Reclamation Compound - Reclaiming Wet Buried PIC Cable
644-200-0791980-01-0112.94 MBRepair and Replacement of 88-Type Connecting Block with 108-Type Connecting Blocks
644-200-1011980-10-011362.65 KBCable Splicing - General - Drying Wet Cable Sections and Splices
644-201-1011980-06-011412.97 KBMaintenance System for Air Core Polyethlene-Insulated Conductor (PIC) Cable in Underground Plant