Division 551: 756A, 757A, 758A, 58B, 758C, 761, and 770 PBX

Section Date Issue Size Title
551-100-1001975-05-0119.89 MB756A PBX - Installation and Test (TOP)
551-100-1011975-05-0116.40 MB756A PBX - Repair (TOP)
551-144-2101968-03-0132.62 MBMiscellaneous Equipment (Tie Trunks, Loudspeaker Paging Trunk, Recorded Telephone Dictation Trunk, 3A Code Call Unit, Busy Verification Auxiliary Trunk, and Auxiliary Position Circuit for Remote Trunk Answering) - Installation Information - 756A PBX
551-147-2101968-08-0133.85 MBService Options (Stations, Trunks, Dial Pulse Register, Central Office Alarm, Night Connections, Registers, Power Plant, Etc.) - Method of Providing
551-200-2104I3.13 MB757A PBX (Unknown Title)
551-561-5001976-05-0122.06 MBDigital Line Circuit (SD-73095-01), Digital Test Line Circuit (SD-73099-01), and Dial Tone Speed Measuring Circuit (SD-73103-01) - Operation Tests - 758C Switching System for Switched Digital Data System (SDDS)
551-720-2101979-03-0131.65 MBSwitching Cabinet - Identification, Installation, and Connections - 761B PBX
551-722-2101979-06-0121.75 MBAttendant and Station Equipment - Identification, Installation, and Connections - 761B PBX
551-736-3011968-09-0121.49 MBAttendant and Station Equipment - Method of Operation - 761B PBX