Division 469: Administrative Information, Customer Equipment

Section Date Issue Size Title
469-050-900SW1964-04-01A769.89 KBUse of "Thank You" Cards on Plant Premise Visits
469-050-902CA1970-03-01D400.13 KBCustomer Relations - Installers and Repairmen
469-050-905SN1969-03-01A207.99 KBHandling of Uncollected Coins in Coin Telephone Stations
469-050-906SN1971-09-01B346.70 KBCustomer Owned Custom Telephone Sets
469-050-924SW1972-01-01E1.03 MBAction to Be Taken by Plant Field Forces When Access Cannot Be Gained to Customer Premises
469-050-927SW1980-07-01A41.01 KBProcedures for Handling Repair Visits - Antique-Decorator and Special Finish Telephone Sets
469-050-950CA1970-06-01D377.35 KBPlant Department Sales - Methods and Handling
469-052-928PT1960-01-01A777.98 KBInspections on Station Visits
469-052-929PT1963-04-01B1.46 MBInspections on Station Visits - Station Equipment - Wiring
469-052-930CA1965-11-01B161.55 KBInspections on Station Visits - Installers and Repairmen
469-052-930PT1960-01-01A471.61 KBInspections on Station Visits - Coin Stations - Booths
469-052-930SN1969-07-01C504.19 KBInspections on Station Visits
469-052-930SN A1974-10-01B28.49 KBInspections on Station Visits
469-052-931PT1960-01-01A424.86 KBInspections on Station Visits - Outside Plant
469-052-932PT1960-01-01A475.92 KBInspections on Station Visits - T-Zone
469-052-933PT1960-01-01A837.20 KBInspections on Station Visits - Testing
469-060-909SW1964-05-01A269.13 KBSpecial Inventory and Records' Check of Customers' Equipment
469-060-922SW1989-01-01E1.23 MBMaintenance Ticket and Cable Location Assignment - Form S-6218B - Outside Plant Damage Report - Form S-6218A
469-060-923SW1981-01-01C252.33 KBBad Plant Condition Report - Form SW-6989
469-105-999NY1961-09-01A120.25 KBUse of Service or Facilities in Connection with Bookmaking