Division 220: Crossbar Tandem Offices

Section Date Issue Size Title
220-100-1002001-06-01179.85 KBXM24 Expansion Module - Installation Instructions
220-121-301PT X11972-03-01B28.80 KBTandem Marker SD-25361-01 Cross-Connections - Crossbar Tandem Offices
220-121-900PT1973-08-01A260.63 KBRoute Verification Tests Using Route Verification Unit PJ25012 - Crossbar Tandem Offices
220-160-5011962-09-015502.37 KBTrunk Circuits - Tests Using Automatic Incoming Test Circuit SD-25161-01 - Crossbar Tandem Offices
220-409-501PT X11957-02-13A226.96 KBReturn Loss Tests Using DE-90071-01 Test Set - Crossbar Tandem Offices
220-409-501PT X21956-12-15A186.32 KBReturn Loss Tests on Toll Connecting Trunks - Crossbar Tandem Systems
220-422-1011976-01-011917.50 KBComputerized Maintenance and Administration Support III (COMAS III) - Description - Crossbar Tandem Office
220-450-501PT X11972-07-01A116.28 KBSender Test Frame SD-25364-01 - Tests - Crossbar Tandem Offices
220-500-900PT1973-10-01B291.75 KBAMA Accuracy - Equipment Test Requirements - Crossbar Tandem CAMA Offices
220-500-901PT1973-10-01A183.50 KBCode Openings - Rate and Route Verification Tests - Crossbar Tandem Offices
220-501-501PT A1964-11-01B44.76 KBTransverters Using Sender Test Frame - Crossbar Tandem Offices Arranged for CAMA
220-501-503PT A1964-11-01B35.06 KBTransverter Miscellaneous Tests - Crossbar Tandem Offices Arranged for CAMA
220-532-301PT1961-04-01A141.62 KBVerification of CAMA Trunk Decade Cross Connections on Sender Link Frames and Trunk Test Frame Using Trunk Automatic Test Circuit SD-25960-01 - Crossbar Tandem Offices Arranged for CAMA
220-535-303PT A1981-04-01B30.98 KBMaster Timing Circuit SD-25633-01 - Daylight Saving Time and Leap Year Changes - Crossbar Tandem Offices
220-600-900PT1967-06-01A244.91 KBAMA Accuracy - Traffic Service Position - Crossbar Tandem Offices
220-600-900PT A1968-04-01A27.11 KBAMA Accuracy - Traffic Service Position - Crossbar Tandem Offices