Division 002: Administrative Practices

Section Date Issue Size Title
002-000-000PN1985-01-01G647.04 KBPacific Northwest Bell - Numerical Index - Division 002 - PNB Administrative Practices
002-000-000PN1981-05-01S855.17 KBPacific Northwest Bell - Numerical Index - Division 002 - PNB Administrative Practices
002-000-000PT1983-05-01C150.51 KBPacific Tel. - Numerical Index - Division 002 - General Administrative Procedures
002-011-900SW1993-06-01F6.59 MBLeasing of Plant Structures
002-011-901SW1991-09-01B5.14 MBContract Procedures
002-011-902SW1989-08-01A8.32 MBGuidelines for the Sale of Customer Premises Wiring (Embedded) and Purchase of Customer Premises Wiring
002-100-301PT1970-01-01A1.58 MBInstructions for the Elimination of 2-Party Service
002-100-301PT A1970-05-01A67.08 KBInstructions for the Elimination of 2-Party Service
002-100-900SW X41969-12-01A479.86 KBCentral Stock Plan for Plug-In Units - Plug-In Units for Maintenance Spares
002-100-902SW1969-12-01A1.18 MBCentral Stock Plan for Plug-In Units - Central Stock Operation and Plug-In Movement
002-100-904SW1974-03-01A4.06 MBPlug-In Central Mechanization System
002-100-905SW1974-03-01A1.03 MBPlug-In Central Stock Reconciliation
002-100-915PT X11982-04-01A133.39 KBPersonal Radio Services - Official Telecommunications Administrative Paging Service - Distribution and Repair
002-200-0742007-09-12457.10 KBNon-272 Affiliate Policy - Request for Space in AT&T Inc. ILEC Cos
002-200-3542009-05-06661.80 KBCentral Office RF Policy
002-200-7152009-04-2711.89 MBAsk Yourself Handbook
002-200-910PN1971-07-01B5.05 MBAcceptance of Western Electric Co. Installations
002-210-0152009-02-0834354.73 KB(One Time Approval) Purchase of Non-Approved Products
002-216-2212005-12-07791.95 KBBNC Assembly Specifications
002-217-0612002-10-301312.53 KBCentral Office Battery Maintenance
002-217-0612006-04-2116401.04 KBCentral Office Battery Maintenance
002-217-0612006-11-1720635.92 KBCentral Office Battery Maintenance
002-300-902LL1964-07-01A251.34 KBPrivate Line Service - Responsibility of Customer Service Engineer (Telegraph Station Equipment Group)
002-300-902LL X-All1964-07-01177.62 KBPrivate Line Service - Responsibility of Customer Service Engineer (Telegraph Station Equipment Group)
002-316-0012001-01-082.1237.39 KBUnbundled Network Elements - Equipment Installation for the C.O.
002-316-0012006-02-155486.77 KBUnbundled Network Elements - Equipment Installation for the C.O.
002-316-0022001-12-2013636.88 KBCollocation Provisoning Guidelines (CPG) - Method & Procedures
002-316-0032005-02-159241.25 KBFrame Forecast M&P
002-316-0032007-07-1112238.55 KBFrame Forecast M&P
002-316-0042001-02-131877.88 KBM&P for Tie Pair Management on MDF/IDF Frames
002-316-0062003-02-18101.57 MBLine Sharing Deployment M&P for NP&E
002-316-0072001-01-084.1134.76 KBSpecial Interconnection Arrangement (SIA)
002-316-0082002-02-087287.41 KBCLEC Cable Placement and Removal M&P Under CDOW Terms and Conditions
002-316-0102000-11-207.0365.10 KBCollocation Line Sharing Guidelines
002-316-0112001-04-133143.96 KBSinglemode Fiberoptic Splitters
002-316-0112006-07-145157.55 KBSinglemode Fiberoptic Splitters
002-316-0132002-01-184343.81 KBLine Splitting Deployment M&P (Phase 1) for NP&E
002-316-0152002-05-174552.32 KBDiscontinuance of CLEC Equipment, Cable Facilities and OSS Assignments M&P
002-316-0182003-02-031331.61 KBDistributing Frame Standards
002-316-0222002-05-151315.71 KBSBC Collocation Synchronization M&P
002-316-0232001-03-011.039.19 KBCollocation Database Application - Network Sales Support Methods and Procedures
002-316-0262001-11-093514.40 KBSingleMode Passive Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) M&P
002-316-0382001-05-011116.30 KBFrame Adapter - For Conventional Distributing Frames (Yeilding Brack) - Product Description
002-316-041 ATT2002-04-26579.39 KBDSX-1 Frame Forecast M&P
002-316-041 SBC2002-04-265346.18 KBDSX-1 Frame Forecast M&P
002-316-042 ATT2002-08-29779.76 KBDSX-3 Frame Forecast M&P
002-316-042 SBC2002-08-297524.46 KBDSX-3 Frame Forecast M&P
002-316-0432003-07-0162.65 MBFiber Distribution Frame (FDF) Deployment Standards
002-316-0432007-04-3010470.65 KBCommon Systems: Fiber Distributing Frame Deployment Standards
002-316-0442001-04-301182.28 KBSBC Corporate Real Estate (CRE) CLEC Cable Placement M&P
002-316-0472002-06-243239.21 KBDiscontinuance Account M&P
002-316-0532001-12-21371.83 KBFiber Protection System M&P
002-316-0662002-06-0131.32 MBADC Breakout Bay Provisioning for the Nortel OPTera Connect DX System
002-316-0662006-11-224939.73 KBADC Breakout Bay Provisioning for the Nortel OPTera Connect DX System
002-316-0722003-01-031662.44 KBBPON FTTH Common Systems Provisioning Using Angled Fiber Optic Connectors, SBC-West (California) Only
002-316-0762003-03-1916.93 MBSBC Local Exchange Companies - Ethernet Architecture Standards
002-316-0772003-05-1511.00 MBCommon Systems Standards for the SBC Local Exchange Companies Internal M&P
002-316-0782003-01-011360.33 KBSBC Fiber Connector / Mode Policy
002-316-0782006-11-06478.90 KBSBC Fiber Connector / Mode Policy
002-316-0792003-01-011243.28 KBSBC Fiber Connector / Mode Policy - Addendum for Application Services Approval for Use
002-316-0812003-03-212699.01 KBSNFA - Equipment Removal and Cable Mining M&P
002-316-0872006-11-03327.16 KBIntra-Office Routing Diversity Standards
002-316-0922004-08-311131.81 KBDS3/STS-1 Intra-Office Repeater (IOR) and Bridging Office Repeater (BOR) Systems
002-316-1072002-09-18174.81 KBAT&T-Pacific Bell Space Reservation Deposit Process M&P
002-501-906LL1971-03-01A669.52 KBCivil Defense in Long Lines - General
002-501-907LL1971-03-01A616.61 KBCivil Defense - Shelter Requirements
002-501-908LL1971-03-01A1.49 MBCivil Defense - Radiological Monitoring
002-501-909LL1971-03-01A2.57 MBShelter Operation and Supplies
002-502-900PW1984-08-01I37.84 MBService Emergency Report
002-502-911PN1978-01-01F990.34 KBReview and Analysis of Major Service Failures
002-502-912LL1964-11-01A95.87 KBPower Plant Failures
002-502-912PT1981-08-01B65.33 KBEquipment Test List - Power Plants
002-502-913PT1981-09-01D261.57 KBPower Plant - Check List and Operation Test - General
002-502-914PT1981-08-01D458.09 KBPower Plant - Emergency Operation Evaluation - Check List
002-502-915PT1981-07-01C325.11 KBPower Plant - Emergency Operation Evaluation - Operation Test
002-503-900LL1963-10-01D2.98 MBEmergency Restoration of Broadband Carrier Systems
002-503-900LL1965-05-01E10.15 MBEmergency Restoration of Broadband Carrier Systems
002-503-902PT X51980-04-01B1.23 MBTypical Resoration Options
002-503-906PT X11979-01-01C149.72 KBBroadband Restoration Channels - Protection Status Reporting
002-503-910PT1981-07-01C157.88 KBBroadband Site Emergency Restoration Planning - Administrative Procedures and Responsibilities
002-503-910PT X11981-07-01C115.00 KBBroadband Site Emergency Restoration Plan Format
002-503-970PN1972-11-01A5.67 MBT Carrier Restoration Control Plan
002-506-903PN1974-10-01B338.06 KBRestoration of Fire and Police Department Emergency Service Lines
002-509-901PN1969-09-01A931.03 KBAvoiding Contact with Telephone Plant Energeized by Foreign Potential
002-510-900SW1964-04-01A65.49 KBCommunication Service to Bookmakers and to Disseminators of Racing News
002-513-901PN1959-02-01A586.25 KBForeign Attachments
002-513-901SW1964-10-01B153.86 KBForeign Attachments and Connections
002-561-0032006-06-22160.20 KBCO Power: Emergency Standby Engine Annual Test Run and Operational Review
002-583-900PN1980-05-01C1.42 MBField Request for Technical Assistance
002-583-901PN1985-01-01H1.50 MBEquipment or Work Request Procedure - Form P-2185
002-702-900PN1975-03-01B3.57 MBSpecial Services Management Bureau (SSMB) - Operation
002-702-902PN1972-03-01C1.67 MBAnalysis, Investigation and Correction of Plant Work Errors
002-800-901PN1974-03-01B2.23 MBStored Program Control Systems (SPCS) - Circuit Pack Pool