Division G60: Outside Plant Contruction and Maintenance - Terminals

Section Date Issue Size Title
G61.114.11952-07-011198.92 KBBB Cable Terminals - Installation
G61.114.1PT A1953-01-01A33.58 KBBB Cable Terminals - Installation
G61.114.21952-07-011139.45 KBEA Cable Terminals - Installation
G61.114.2PT A1953-01-01A35.46 KBEA Cable Terminals - Installation
G61.115.11955-03-011286.24 KBBD Terminals - Description
G61.115.21955-03-011171.30 KBBD Terminals - Installing on Poles and Walls
G61.115.2PT A1956-03-01A37.42 KBBD Terminals - Installing on Poles and Walls
G61.115.31955-03-012260.24 KBBD Terminals - Placing S Pole Seat, B Terminal Balcony and B Guard Rail
G61.115.41955-03-011258.85 KBBD Terminals - Wiring
G61.115.4PT A1957-09-01B44.83 KBBD Terminals - Wiring
G61.116.11955-03-011209.53 KBBE Terminals - Description
G61.116.21955-03-011173.07 KBBE Terminals - Installation