Division 680: Loop Assignment Distribution Service

Section Date Issue Size Title
680-000-0001972-09-0122150.05 KBNumerical Index - Division 680 - Plant Assignment - Customer Plant
680-000-000BR1986-02-013405.23 KBNumerical Index - Division 680 - Loop Assignment - Distribution Service
680-000-000MS A1981-06-01B314.40 KBNumerical Index - Division 680 - Plant Assignment - Customer Plant
680-000-000SW A1975-12-01K2.25 MBNumerical Index - Division 680 - Plant Assignment - Customer Plant
680-000-0051966-12-011239.56 KBAlphabetical Index - Plant Series - Divisions 680 Through 689
680-000-1001953-06-01112.16 MBFiling Equipment and Filing Arrangements
680-000-1011953-04-011472.31 KBAbbreviations and Symbols Used in Assignment Center Records
680-100-0101961-04-013417.01 KBTerminal Assignment Record - General
680-100-0111961-04-0121013.36 KBTerminal Assignment Record - Street, Block, and Alley Distribution
680-100-0121961-04-012601.91 KBTerminal Assignment Record - Building Distribution
680-100-0131961-04-012772.45 KBTerminal Assignment Record - Exchange Wire Distribution
680-100-0141953-05-011408.38 KBTerminal Assignment Record For Exchange Areas in Which Buildings Are Not Numbered
680-100-0151953-05-011307.21 KBTerminal Assignment Record - Treatment of Record Discrepancies
680-105-0101966-10-012641.66 KBDedicated Plant Assignment Record
680-105-0151967-06-011731.50 KBDedicated Outside Plant Talk Pair Administration
680-120-0101953-07-011690.77 KBMiscellaneous Central Office Facilities Record Form E-4052
680-122-0101966-10-012611.92 KBCustomer Loop Bridge Lifters (1574A and 1574B Inductors)
680-124-0101936-08-0111.08 MBPBX Switchboard Card Record
680-124-010 A1936-10-011424.99 KBP.B.X. Switchboard Card Record
680-195-900SW1968-12-01B2.21 MBEquipment Left-In Record - Assignment Center
680-200-0101958-08-012596.75 KBSubscriber Cable Record
680-201-010SW A1975-06-01D2.87 MBExchange Customer Cable Record - General
680-201-0141958-08-0111.63 MBExchange Customer Cable Record - Assignments in PIC Cable
680-207-0101931-08-0111.50 MBChecking Cable Pair Records
680-220-0101961-08-0121.14 MBExchange Wire Record - General
680-220-0111961-08-0122.05 MBExchange Wire Record - Preparation
680-220-0121961-08-012515.59 KBExchange Wire Record - Work Sheets
680-220-0131961-08-012918.41 KBExchange Wire Record - Protection
680-220-0141953-07-011483.56 KBExchange Wire Record - Lead and Pole Numbering
680-220-0151953-09-011365.07 KBExchange Wire Record - M1 arrier
680-220-0161953-08-011588.52 KBExchange Wire Record - Placing, Removing and Rearranging Wire
680-300-0101953-09-012219.50 KBConstruction Plans - General
680-300-0111953-09-011525.16 KBConstruction Plans - Work Orders
680-300-0121953-09-0111.76 MBConstruction Plans - Cable Transfers
680-300-0131953-09-0111.55 MBConstruction Plans - Line or Station Transfers
680-300-013SW A1975-10-01F465.01 KBConstruction Plans - Line or Station Transfer
680-400-900SW1973-12-01B291.16 KBTelephone Set Recovery Plan (SRP)
680-400-900SW A1975-10-01A602.69 KBTelephone Set Recovery Plan (S.R.P.)
680-495-903SW1974-02-01C1.08 MBPlant Left-In Record
680-495-903SW A1975-10-01A1.52 MBPlant Left-In Record
680-495-904SW A1975-09-01B1.41 MBException Report Form SW-6311a
680-495-906SW1973-04-01B39.61 KBField Telephone Inventory Control Plan
680-495-906SW A1973-02-01A668.00 KBField Telephone Inventory Control Plan
680-495-908SW1973-04-01B41.02 KBInventories of Key Items of Station Apparatus - Telephone Sets, Teletypewriter Typing Units and Radio Transmitter-Receiver
680-495-910SW1973-01-01C406.10 KBThe Return of Station Materials Not Included in the Return Material Card Plan
680-495-911SW1973-01-01B419.39 KBPlant Supplies - Originating and Handling Claims
680-500-900SW1973-07-01A58.42 KBService Order Routine - General Description of Plan
680-500-901SW1975-07-01A658.52 KBService Order Routine - Service Order Writing and Classification
680-500-901SW X11975-07-01A310.58 KBService Order Writing and Classification Field Identifiers
680-500-902SW1975-07-01A1.28 MBService Order Routine - Plant Assignment
680-500-903SW1975-07-01A876.80 KBService Order Routine - Field Forces and Service Order Completion (SOC)
680-500-904SW1973-07-01A179.97 KBService Order Routine - Central Office Frame Copy
680-500-905SW1975-07-01A57.23 KBService Order Routine - Service Order Line Card
680-500-906SW1975-07-01A705.78 KBService Order Routine - Working Loops
680-520-0101961-06-012357.07 KBSpecial Service Protection and Special Safeguarding Measures
680-538-010SW1975-10-01A1.76 MBServing Area Concept (SAC) - Assignment Office Administration
680-540-010SW A1971-03-01C914.08 KBOutside Plant Facilities Control Plan
680-550-010SW A1975-10-01C823.14 KBAssignment Office Discrepancy Routine
680-595-903SW1970-03-01A1.60 MBElectric Number Card Printer - Victor Model 17
680-595-921PT1966-04-01B84.51 KBGift Telephone Service
680-800-0101971-04-0131.42 MBResistance Zoning of Exchange Services Including Long Subscriber Route Design
680-800-010SW A1972-03-01A846.03 KBResistance Zoning of Exchange Services Including Long Subscriber Route Design
680-810-0101962-03-011226.09 KBLoop Check Ticket
680-815-0101972-05-012493.14 KBRequest for Facilities and Equipment Requirements - Exchange Service - Form E-4053
680-815-010SW A1971-03-01A908.03 KBRequest for Facilities and Equipment Requirements - Exchange Service - Form E-4053
680-820-010SW A1973-08-01B507.20 KBReport of Unfilled Customer Requests for Main and Regrade Service
680-895-901SW1972-03-01A824.36 KBResistance Zoning of Exchange Services Including Long Subscriber Route Design
680-895-901SW A1972-05-01A635.11 KBResistance Zoning of Exchange Services Including Long Subscriber Route Design
680-895-911MS A1970-07-01C1.58 MBSubscriber Carrier Systems
680-895-912MB A1970-01-01B64.37 KBSuspension and Restoral of Service
680-930-911PT1965-07-01C3.39 MBOutward Station Removal Procedures - Lost and Found Station Apparatus Report