Division 161: Speed Reduction Units, Converters, Inverters, Air Dryers, Compressors, Compressor-Dehydrators, Waveguide Dehydrators, Exhauster Sets, Fans, Tube Cooling Systems, Ventilating Equipment, Call Announcer Machines

Section Date Issue Size Title
161-200-1011996-09-013176.56 KBLucent Technologies Lineage 2000 DC-DC Converter and Converter Shelf Assembly - +24V @ 25A to -48V @ 10A - KS-23832
161-230-7011953-01-011490.79 KBKS-15511 Inverter - Requirements and Adjusting Procedures
161-283-3011966-11-0121.40 MBDC-to-DC Converter KS-19303 L1 - Operating Methods
161-283-3021966-11-0111.44 MBDC-to-DC Converter KS-19303 L3 - Operating Methods
161-284-3011971-03-0132.64 MBDC-to-DC Converter KS-19304 - Operating Methods
161-305-7011967-12-0153.47 MBKS-16432 L1 and L2 Air Dryers - Requirements and Adjusting Procedures
161-315-8011965-05-0111.43 MBContinuous Feed Pressure Systems - D Air Dryer - Maintenance and Replacement Parts