Division 001: Reserved for Company - Issued

Section Date Issue Size Title
001-185-201PT1992-06-01C396.86 KBCentral Office Building Structure Inspections - Explosive Gases Protection
001-200-010PT1980-10-01B271.13 KBInstallation and Maintenance of Telephone Equipment or Facilities in Hazardous and/or Inaccessible Locations
001-230-101PT1981-03-01B329.28 KBMaintenance Replacement of Large and Small PBX
001-300-102PT1972-11-01A248.76 KBOutside Plant - Permits for Opening Manholes in the City of Los Angeles
001-320-305PT1991-09-01E1.24 MBAdministration of Residential Underground Service Wire Entrance Facilities - Outside Plant (California Only)
001-320-307PT1990-03-01C693.74 KBAdministration of Service Connecting Facilities for Mobile Homes / Temporary Service (California Only)
001-390-100PT1991-08-01D540.55 KBReporting and Clearing Outside Plant Conditions Requiring Correction
001-600-010PT1989-09-01B800.18 KBAdministrative Message Trunk Orders - Interval Guide
001-780-201LL1974-01-01C2.04 MBEngineering Planning - Long Lines Plans for Survivable Communications
001-965-101PT1980-08-01B328.79 KBInstallation and Maintenance (I&M) - Processing of Other Complaints